What is sustainability and how can you apply it to your life?

Qué es la sostenibilidad y cómo puedes aplicarla a tu vida.

Today there is a term that is becoming very popular, and that is sustainability, so much so that there are companies that are applying this policy as an organizational strategy.

But what does it consist of? Basically, this concept is related to the actions that are carried out to obtain a positive impact on the environment that surrounds us, whether in the environmental, economic or social spheres. , so that future generations have the necessary resources for their existence.

Although there is much talk about sustainability in the business world, it can also be applied in everyday life, both organizations and people can carry out actions that lead to a sustainable life, and in this article we will talk about a little of it.

How to apply sustainability in your daily life?


Sustainability is a super important term since it leads to positive aspects, why? Because, as we have said, they are practices that can be part of our day to day life, that benefit us in various areas, both to us and to the planet itself, and it is that their purpose is the conservation of the environment and economic profitability.

Now, reading this you may be wondering how sustainability can be applied in life, or if it is really possible or not, and the answer is yes, it is even easier than you might To imagine.

And it is that with the simple fact of turning off the lights that are not in use, recycling, buying items made with natural products, you are already putting sustainability into practice.

But to go deeper into the subject and better understand how this term can be applied in everyday life, I will mention the various ways of doing it:

Make donations

It is normal that when time passes we stop using certain things, despite being in good condition, be it clothes, books, shoes, accessories, toys, stationery, among other items, leaving them accumulated in our home or throwing them away.

Well, when these things happen, the ideal is to make donations. And it is that in addition to avoiding unnecessary waste and taking advantage of the use of resources, you will be able to do an act of humanity, help someone who needs it.

So if you have objects of any kind in your home that you no longer use and are in excellent condition, don't hesitate to donate them to a church, shelter, hospital, or any other place where there are people who need support. .

Shopping locally

Another way to apply sustainability in your daily life is when shopping for your home, and it is best to make local purchases.

Why am I telling you that? Because in this way you will support the economy of your community and promote the products of those businesses that are close to your area. But that's not all, since it also reduces the environmental impact, by not using transport or packaging.

Acquire green products

When I say green purchases or products, I am referring to those daily items that do not pollute as much, that is to say, that are natural and that are not made with chemicals but rather with vegetable ingredients.

In addition, the purchase of disposable products should be avoided or reduced and those that can be reused should be opted for.

Save energy

A good way to apply sustainability in everyday life is by saving energy. How? Well easy, just turn off the lights and electronic equipment that are not in use.

You can also place low-consumption light bulbs in your home, such as LEDs or compact fluorescents. With this, you will not only obtain environmental benefits, but you will also have a great reduction in expenses in your home.

Carry out volunteer activities

The world needs people who do their bit to improve common spaces in every way. To implement sustainability in your life, you need to carry out volunteer activities, for example caring for the environment, where you clean beaches, parks, squares, or work on improving a sports field.

The volunteering options are many, so you will have a wide range of choice. The idea is that you make this practice something daily and not limit yourself only when there are events.

Control water consumption

Another important point to apply sustainability in everyday life is to save water, but how can we do that? Well, simple, simply control the consumption of this vital liquid at the time of bathing, when you go to water the plants, in the pool, when cleaning the car, among others.

You can incorporate a water saving device in taps and cisterns, when you are taking a shower or brushing your teeth, turn off the tap so as not to waste water, and open it only when you are going to use it.

Carry out actions to care for the environment

Sustainability is closely linked to the environment, so to apply this practice in our daily lives, it is necessary to take action to care for the planet.

If we want to contribute to caring for the environment, it is necessary to avoid noise, light or visual pollution, not to litter in the streets or leave waste on beaches or forests, not to damage the flora and fauna, to comply with regulations of traffic, not smoking in places where it harms others, among many other things.

Companies with a sustainable philosophy, do they really exist?

Companies with a sustainable philosophy are characterized by being organizations that not only seek to obtain economic benefits, but are also interested in the well-being of people and the environment; that is to say that they do not only watch over their interests, they go further.

Furthermore, these types of organizations are classified as sustainable because they do not cause a negative impact on the world, on the global environment, meaning the environment, the economy or society itself. .

But how can we identify a sustainable company? We already know that they exist, but detecting them may be somewhat complicated. However, if you stop to analyze the situation well, you will know that it is easier than you can imagine.

But to help you a bit with that, I will mention some characteristics of this type of company:

They reduce electricity consumption

A company that puts sustainability into practice considers it important to reduce electricity consumption, and puts it into practice in its facilities. How? By applying certain measures such as:

  • Turning off the equipment at the end of each working day, understanding by equipment all the computers, printers, and photocopiers that are in the company.
  • By recycling, instead of always printing on a new sheet, you can reuse the paper, printing on both sides.
  • Turning off lights when not in use or needed.
  • Another measure is turning off the air conditioning one hour before the end of the working day.

They promote collaborative consumption

Companies that promote collaborative consumption apply sustainability in their day to day, but how is that or what is it eaten with? Well simple and I'll explain a little

Setting an example for you with companies that are dedicated to renting a good, be it a vehicle or an apartment to take a trip or stay in a special place. You can have in your possession houses or cars that you do not use, so to take advantage of them and get the most out of them, and not let them depreciate without giving them good use, you rent them.

By doing this you gain many things, on the one hand you take advantage of and put the good to use, on the other you obtain economic benefit, and most importantly, you provide the people who purchase your service with a unique experience of travel.


Second-hand things have always been an excellent option for some people, and for this reason there are companies that specialize in it, in offering this kind of product; thus having a sustainable philosophy.

Reusing a garment, for example, changing details such as the design, embroidery or buttons, is a fun way to make your personal brand stand out from the rest. It should be noted that this does not only apply to clothing, but to any object, such as a piece of furniture for example.

They strengthen the principles

For a company to be sustainable, it must put principles of integrity into practice, as well as having responsibility towards the rights of others, and when I mention rights, I do not refer only to human rights, but also to labor rights and environmental.

Promote environmental training

Sustainable companies carry out environmental training campaigns so that employees are aware of how important it is and are extensively trained.

They manage transport in an ecological way

Another thing that makes a company sustainable is transport management, seeking to minimize the environmental impact, and it is necessary to take into account that vehicles are polluting.

Therefore, these companies seek to share the vehicle among all the employees who go to nearby routes, this in case they have private transportation. They are also responsible for promoting the use of bicycles and public transport.

Importance of sustainability

We already know how we can act in our day to day to apply sustainability and how are the companies that bet on this practice, but what is the importance of it? For what reason should we start carrying out sustainability?

Well, let's see, sustainability is something fundamental for the world, which is why as time goes by and we grow as a society, we must pay close attention and aim for sustainable growth.

And in this way the world will be a place of equality and prosperity, there will be greater opportunities, and our environment will be healthier.

In addition to this, it is beneficial for companies to apply these practices, because in addition to contributing to caring for the planet, they considerably improve their image, obtaining a competitive advantage over other companies in the market, and even help them increase your productivity and reduce costs.


To conclude, we can say that a sustainable company is one that is interested in its environment, and does not see only its own benefit, it is the one that seeks to create environmental, economic and social value, both in the short and long term. term.

It has a vision looking towards the future, that is why it is interested in the welfare and progress of current and future generations of the environment in which it operates. In addition, it is committed to carrying out actions that benefit the environment and nearby communities.

Beginning to be a sustainable company is easy, but the real challenge is to make it last over time. In order to achieve this, it is necessary that it makes its employees commit to the cause, that they participate and contribute to each of the strategies of the sustainability policy; and it is only in this way that a change in the organizational culture can be achieved.

However, it is important to know that the problems that threaten sustainability are not restricted only to companies, and that we, in one way or another, are also responsible, how? that we carry out in our day to day.

Let's see, although they may seem insignificant, the individual actions that we carry out daily in our lives contribute considerably to sustainability. That is why it is essential to have positive actions with our environment, with people and the environment; and, of course, having commitment and awareness in order to achieve a sustainable practice.

And we must bear in mind that if we can't do our part, we will never achieve the sustainability goals and have a better environment. Small actions that do not cost anything to carry out can make a difference, so do not hesitate to put them into practice.