What is the carbon footprint and how to minimize it in your life.

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The carbon footprint is a term that is known by many people but unknown to others, however, it is vitally important to know about it, since it is characterized by the amount of greenhouse gases that they enter the atmosphere and significantly affect climate change.

As we can see, it is an issue that concerns us all, and it is extremely important and necessary to take measures to reduce these emissions as much as possible. Why? because beyond the fact that these gases accelerate climate change, we are the cause of it, since the carbon footprint is produced by the activities we carry out daily, either directly or indirectly.

Therefore, in this article I will mention some ways to reduce your carbon footprint, so that you can contribute positively to the environment, which so much you need it. Although, they are basic measures that every company can apply, as well as ourselves in our day to day.

What is the carbon footprint?

 Huella de carbono

As has been said previously, the carbon footprint is the emissions of greenhouse gases that are generated, directly or indirectly, by the activities carried out by a organization or person in their day to day, considerably affecting the environment.

The truth is that there are many activities that contribute to the appearance of gases in the atmosphere, and that are implemented by various organizations, such as the burning of fossil fuels, the use of vehicles with gasoline and diesel, agriculture, construction, extraction of resources, production of goods, among others.

In addition, people in their daily lives also carry out various activities that cause these emissions, believe it or not. From traveling by car, using the washing machine, charging the mobile device, taking frequent flights, to buying food, clothes or other products.

All these activities and others leave a quantity of gases that accumulate in the atmosphere and affect climate change, causing in the long run the appearance of phenomena or natural disasters such as floods, tremors, droughts, loss of biodiversity, among others.

Minimize the carbon footprint in your life

As we well know, our planet is in a critical state, and there is more and more pollution in the world, which results in various problems associated with climate change.

However, there is still time to contribute, do our bit to change the destiny of our planet and ensure the future of future generations.

Although it is true that to attack the problem we must act directly against the large carbon emitters, we ourselves can carry out actions that contribute, even a little, to the environment .

One of the most immediate things we can do is reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as this would in turn reduce our carbon footprint. And it is that the higher this is, the greater the impact or your contribution to global warming, for this reason it is necessary to attack as soon as possible.

That is why this time I will mention some actions that you can use in your day to day, so that you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Increase plant food intake and reduce animal food

One option to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a sustainable life is by consuming more plant foods and reducing animal-based foods, and if you didn't know, the meat and dairy industries are the ones that produce the most greenhouse gases; even, according to various investigations, these companies would be one of the main causes of climate change

So if you want to contribute to the environment, start by changing your diet, what you put on your plate. Be careful, with this I do not mean that you should completely eliminate meat from your diet, no, but it is important that you reduce your intake little by little and begin to implement a healthier diet, rich in plant foods.

Think about how to shop for clothes

It is no secret to anyone that today the way in which clothes are designed and manufactured is highly polluting and generates a large amount of waste, including fast fashion or fast fashion, as it is also known, is responsible for approximately 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, if we want to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to reflect on the way we buy our clothes. How? Simply keep the following tips in mind:

  • Reduce the amount of clothes you buy.
  • Buy only second-hand clothes or join groups that exchange clothes. This, in addition to helping you reduce your ecological impact, allows you to save.
  • Buy clothes from green companies. Garments made with synthetic materials such as polyester are harmful to the environment, so it is a better option to opt for those that are made with natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, among others.

Use cloth bags when you go shopping

Believe it or not, something as simple as this can help you reduce your carbon footprint. And let's see, one of the main enemies of the environment is plastic, so using bags made of this material when shopping is highly harmful.

So the ideal thing would be to replace those plastic bags with cloth ones when you go shopping. It is a necessary measure that will contribute a lot.

Use alternative means of transportation

It is no secret to anyone that cars are highly polluting, as they produce approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide, so if we want to reduce our carbon footprint, a very favorable option is to use means of alternate transportation.

For example, bicycles are a means that contribute positively to the environment, since they do not work thanks to the burning of fossil fuels, so their use is highly recommended.

Clearly it is a transport that we will not be able to use over long distances, but when we go to a relatively close place, to work or another, we can make use of it.

But that's not the only thing you can implement, so here are some other recommendations that will undoubtedly contribute a lot to the environment:

  • Avoid individual trips by car.
  • When possible, use public transportation.
  • Take advantage of car sharing services.
  • If you can't stop using the vehicle, opt for an electric or hybrid one.
  • Work from home when possible.

Travel wisely

Closely linked to the previous point, you need to take into account and reflect on your way of traveling There are people who travel too much by plane, either for work reasons or for the simple pleasure of discovering new places, and What they don't know is that this means of transport is one of the most polluting, along with the car.

So, if you want to significantly reduce your carbon footprint you need to travel less or do it in a more sustainable way, that will certainly help a lot. But how can you achieve that? Well, implementing the following:

  • Choose closer travel destinations, where you can get around without using a plane.
  • Choose to travel by train and not by plane.
  • If you must travel by plane, choose a non-stop flight, since these do not pollute as much.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

The method of the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), is essential to apply if we want to reduce our carbon footprint, and that is that an amount of greenhouse gas emissions that there are, they come from the residues and waste that we have.

Therefore, it is essential to keep this method in mind to contribute to the environment, which needs it so much. But how do I achieve that? Well, the first step is minimizing your purchases, and the more we buy, the more waste we will throw away. It is necessary that before buying, you think if it is really something you need or not.

As a second option we have reuse. It is necessary to acquire products that are durable, but that are capable of being repaired in case they are damaged, or to be able to give it another use. For example, if we have a piece of clothing that is no longer in optimal conditions, we can use it for another purpose, either to make a cushion, a purse or a shopping bag, among other things.

And finally we have recycling, if it is impossible to reuse the product or you cannot avoid buying something, there is the option to recycle.

Choose low consumption devices

Low consumption devices are more ecological, since they are manufactured in order to use less energy. What does that mean?, that by having one of them in your home you will be able to reduce the greenhouse gas emission, that is, your carbon footprint.

Among the main advice we can give you regarding this topic, we have the following:

  • If possible, try to replace air conditioners with fans.
  • Replace the incandescent bulbs you have in your home with LED ones.
  • When choosing large appliances, opt for those with the lowest energy rating.
  • Unplug those appliances that you don't usually use frequently, connect them only when you are going to use them.

Use water wisely

Using water more efficiently and conserving it can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. The truth is that it is a super easy action to implement, it costs nothing but it helps a lot. How do you achieve it? Well, very simple, you can start by doing the following:

  • Instead of taking a bath, it is recommended to take a shower, this way you will be using less energy and saving water.
  • Turn off the faucet when you're not using it. Sometimes when we are brushing our teeth or shaving, we tend to leave the faucet open while we do the action, because we simply try not to have it open at that moment, only when necessary.
  • Use the washing machine or dishwasher when they are full, since these appliances need a large amount of water to work, so if we take advantage of washing everything at once, we will use it less, and when we use it less , better
  • Repair any damaged faucets. Sometimes we have dripping taps in our home, which in the long run can waste a large number of liters; so it is necessary to repair them.


Once you've taken sustainable actions to help reduce your carbon footprint, don't think things just end there, no. You can continue contributing to the planet by joining initiatives that carry out environmental projects such as reforestation, promotion of renewable energies, tree planting, garbage collection, among others.

It is important that you take positive actions, that you not only make yourself aware of the importance of reducing your carbon footprint, but also others. Promote this practice of sustainable living, you will see that more people will join and contribute their grain of sand for the planet.

To finish we can say that climate change is a reality, it is something that is latent and we must counteract its effect, without a doubt this is a responsibility that we all have towards our planet, so it is necessary to start from now on to take sustainable actions.

In order to fight against environmental problems, it is necessary to know what the carbon footprint is, what actions we are doing that have a negative impact and how we can do to improve them. And it is that believe it or not, many of the routine activities that you carry out in your day to day, contribute a little to the emission of greenhouse gases.

For this reason we decided to make this article, to mention the things we can do or not do, in order to minimize our carbon footprint. As you could well observe, they are basic actions, which we can implement quite simply, the important thing is that we act, that we make a significant change in our life habits.