The 10 main advantages of being a minimalist

Las 10 principales ventajas ser minimalista

Being a minimalist has many advantages, but do you know what they are? It is likely that you have asked yourself this question many times thanks to the fact that this term is becoming very popular.

From creating habits that contribute to the environment, to helping you live in peace and be happy… The benefits are many!

Given this, what I can tell you is that being a minimalist has many advantages. Continue reading and find out how beneficial this lifestyle is!

The 10 advantages of being a minimalist


Next, I'll tell you the top 10 benefits of being a minimalist. I think I could name you more than 10, however, I will summarize them.

So among the main advantages I can highlight the following:

1. It's good for the environment

One of the main advantages of being minimalist is that it is advantageous for the environment. Why do I say this? Basically because leading a minimalist lifestyle means that you are guided by the premise that “less is more”.

When you apply this parameter in your life, everything changes! We understand that essential things are not material, but go further and that everything is determined by emotions, what you want to achieve in your life and your passions; that should be the engine that drives you to live day after day.

So by understanding this, people stop wanting to always buy the latest cell phone model, they stop wanting to have a more expensive car than the neighbor's, and that consumerist attitude is left behind.

By reducing consumerism we are talking about doing something great for the environment. And it is that by stopping consuming in excess or reusing, we are helping the planet.

Do you know how much plastic there is in the seas? You do not even imagine it! And that's not all, there are many more consequences of a consumerist society. When you leave behind those habits and dedicate yourself to the minimalist lifestyle, you are doing something good for the environment.

2. You feel freer

Freedom is something that all human beings yearn for, we are constantly looking to feel free, but how many achieve it?

When you begin to analyze your life, it seems that you are always a slave to something, and it is more of a vicious circle than anything else. You are a slave to that job you hate so much, you are a slave to doing things you really don't want, you are a slave to material things, to money, a slave even to friendship or family relationships.

And it is that many times we feel that all those things bind us and do not let us be and feel completely free. However, I can tell you that it is something that has a solution, you just have to learn to understand and love yourself.

When you apply minimalism to your lifestyle, leave behind those concepts that you should work on what gives you a lot of money (even if you hate it), that you should accept that outing of friends (which you don't want go) because otherwise what will they say about you? And so I can continue with a thousand other things.

When you start to dedicate yourself to what you are truly passionate about, when you dedicate yourself to dedicating a few moments to yourself, to doing what you like, when you stop feeling that you have to have more and more material things, when you understand that none of that is living, that's where freedom begins.

Minimalism is freedom, you can see it as a tool that helps you in many things, among them to feel free.

3. You have less stress

Stress is something very common and to which many people are exposed.There are many things that cause stress, however, one of the most common is jobs

People generally get stressed at work, either because they have a heavy workload, they don't do something they like, they have a negative environment, among others.

On the other hand, the need to acquire material goods (to impress others or to feel more than others), is a constant slavery. This generates large amounts of stress that make people stressed in wanting to generate more and more money to satisfy their material needs.

As if that were not enough, stress is also caused when we have many unresolved issues, many objects on our desk, home and life. This is where I come back to apply the phrase “less is more”. The less you have, the more freedom and peace you have. In these cases the stress will be much less.

So among the main advantages of being a minimalist is that you will have less stress.

4. You will spend less money

Some of the benefits of minimalism fall directly into your wallet why? Well, because thanks to minimalism you can save more money.

As I have already told you, people are generally focused on wanting to generate income at any cost. This, in turn, they do to acquire many unnecessary goods that make them maintain a status or reputation with their friends or acquaintances. They practically end up becoming slaves to money.

Perhaps not all people do things like this on a large scale, but we have all been consumers at some time in our lives. We have all bought something that we did not need, or something that we already had, but wanted another one, etc.

That's why I believe that being a minimalist will help you reduce the amount of money you spend on unnecessary things. First of all, you will acquire quality things that will last for you , so you will not have to be constantly buying to replace, as well as your priority will not be to acquire goods, much less those that you do not need.

If you look at the amount of money you've saved by choosing the minimalist lifestyle, you'd be surprised.

5. You will have more overtime

People normally spend much of their time on activities that don't even interest them. They go to work because they have to generate a livelihood to pay their expenses, after work they attend a meeting with friends in a nearby bar which they did not really want to go to. When they get home they feel tired from their sleep and start the day the same way, with the only difference that this time they didn't go to a bar with friends after work, but instead had to work overtime.

This seems like a very common vicious circle, don't you think? And many of us have been through this. However, when you start to focus on what you are passionate about, to work on what you love, when you start to respect your time, all this stops happening.

You don't have to attend as many meetings as you're invited, it's okay to say no. How long has it been since you got home from work and make yourself a coffee or hot chocolate and start reading a book? These are the true pleasures of life! So value your time and spend it!

6. More self-confidence (fear of failure)

Fear of failure is very common. In general, there can be many factors that "activate" (if it can be said that way) this fear. Among them, he mentioned the fact of comparing with others or meeting the expectations of others.

Surely it has ever happened to you that you begin to analyze the lives of your relatives.You can see that many of them have successful jobs, have graduated, have postgraduate degrees, got married, have children, bought a house, have a new car… etc.

This, in many people, makes them begin to demand the fulfillment of objectives that perhaps they are not even interested in. Many seek "not to be left behind" or simply want to meet the expectations of their mother, father, grandmother, etc... And there is nothing more harmful than this.

Generally all this makes your fear of failure increase (other things). However, the minimalist lifestyle makes you start to gain more self-confidence, but how? Surely you are wondering "is minimalism magical?" Well, no. However, there are certain things that make your confidence grow.

With minimalism you will learn what is truly essential in life. You will know that material goods have nothing to do with success or happiness, and based on this you will begin to be less rigorous with yourself, and although it seems contradictory, you will begin to believe more in yourself, to be more interested in yourself and in what what you really want and desire.

The passions you have will be your engine of life and this will undoubtedly increase your confidence. So yes, minimalism is not magic, it just teaches you to see what is truly essential in all aspects.

7. You will have more order in your home and in your life

Has it ever happened to you that you have entered a house full of objects? Or on the contrary, have you entered the antique shops? Well, what is the impression they generate on you? To me particularly the one of chaos and disorder.

Things may not be cluttered as such, but it's the feeling I get when I see many things in one place. The truth is something that disturbs me a little, since I really do not like it.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks that when they see these things. So one advantage of minimalism is that... this won't happen in your house!

And of course, minimalism teaches you that less is more, and of course, it teaches you not to accumulate objects, not to have things to you don't need… Anyway! makes your space much more pleasant and tidy. Best of all, it won't require as much time when you go to clean.

Furthermore, this not only happens in your home and with objects, but you can also carry it out in your life. When you have order in your life, things tend to go better. By this I mean your love, family, friendship, work relationships, among others.

You could say that order is synonymous with minimalism… or vice versa.

8. You will live with a purpose

Having a purpose… this is something that many people have, but how many really fight for it? The truth is that very few, since they allow themselves to be absorbed by the routine, by the day to day and leave behind what they really want.

When you are a minimalist, you take out all the excesses of your life, not only the material excesses but also the excesses of thoughts, people, etc. You become more understanding with yourself and choose to make yourself happy, live in peace and enjoy the little things that life has to offer.

When you begin to see things from this perspective, you begin to value yourself and your time more. Additionally, your purpose will be your engine and it is what will lead you to do those things that you are passionate about.

9. You will have more pleasant memories

Pleasant memories often come from the least expected. By focusing more on the experiences and not the material, you will have a long list of beautiful memories that you will treasure for life.

Has it ever happened to you that on a birthday you were given many things and over time you don't remember most of them? I think this is a very common thing. However, have you ever forgotten that magnificent trip where you went and got to know other cultures? I assure you not!

And it's because we minimalists focus more on living experiences. The material is secondary, the main thing is to live fully.

10. you will be happy

And so if… One of the top 10 advantages of being a minimalist is that you will simply be happy! You will live in peace, you will fight for your goals and you will value every moment no matter how small. The little things in life will make more sense to you, you will leave behind many chains that did not make you see beyond.

So… I hope you liked this article on the main advantages of being a minimalist.

Until the next article!