How is a minimalist backpack the 5 fundamental keys.

Cómo es una mochila minimalista las 5 claves fundamentales.

Surely you've heard about the term minimalist and everything that goes with it, just as you've probably also heard about minimalist objects and… minimalist backpacks. Yes, backpacks can also be minimalist. Have you ever wondered what they look like?

This is a question that often arises, where people ask themselves what is a minimalist backpack like? And it is normal to be curious. That is why this time I will talk a little about these backpacks and the 5 things you should know to know how they really are.

What is a minimalist backpack like? The 5 things you didn't know

Mochila  minimalista

Having a minimalist backpack is essential these days. It really has many benefits, which range from improving posture to optimizing our space.

Actually in this case the motto “less is more” also applies. And it is that it does not matter if you need the backpack for school, for university, to go to work or to go on an excursion. The ideal will always be to opt for a minimalist backpack, which allows you to carry what you really need in it without falling into excesses.

So if you're wondering what a minimalist backpack looks like? Next, I indicate the 5 fundamental keys of a backpack like this.

1. It has the ideal space to store what is necessary

One of the great advantages or key elements of a minimalist backpack is that they have the ideal space to store what you need.

When I say that you can store the things you need, I mean that you will have the necessary space.

Many times people buy backpacks that they don't really need. They use them for work or any other event, but end up getting one that is exaggerated in terms of proportions and space.

Remember that with minimalism you not only learn to keep what you need in a backpack, but you also learn that you don't need to have a giant backpack, but that with a slim one you can solve perfectly well.

Slim backpacks have ideal proportions to store only those things you really need.

First evaluate what you need the backpack for, and after that you can determine the ideal size and characteristics. Obviously, it is not the same to need a backpack to go to school as it is to go on an excursion. The things you need for each case are different, so you must take it into account.

Given this, according to what you require, you can choose the ideal minimalist backpack.

2. It has no zippers or extra pockets

One of the main elements of a minimalist backpack is that it doesn't have many extra accessories. In general, when we look at some backpacks or purses, they have a large number of closures, pockets and spaces that many times we do not occupy even half of them.

I consider this somewhat unnecessary, since in addition to overloading our backpack, we have some unused spaces that are useless.

If we are going into minimalism, we are supposed to be restructuring our habits and lifestyle. Among these habits, we include the fact of living with what is necessary, and this includes what we carry inside our backpacks.

The idea is to have only what is necessary. This has many advantages, because not only will it be easier for us to find whatever we are looking for quickly, but it will also contribute to our comfort and ergonomics.

This is why I consider a backpack with excess zippers or compartments to be unnecessary. In fact, a true minimalist backpack will not contain this.

3. It has multiple uses

The idea of ​​minimalism, among many others, is to learn to save and reuse. When we understand this, we can take advantage of many things we have.

We can put this into practice with backpacks. I ask you something, don't you think it's an exaggeration to have a backpack for every use we give it? Well, the main advantage of minimalist backpacks is that they have multiple uses.

A minimalist backpack can be used perfectly well to go to university, as well as to go to work, even if you want to go out for a weekend to walk in a park. That's what it's like to have a minimalist backpack, where you can use it for many things.

In fact, one of the fundamental elements that characterize this type of backpack is that they are designed with very versatile colors. It is rare that you will see a minimalist backpack in purple or red, because these are not colors that go with everything, therefore, they cannot be used very often. On the other hand, earth colors or in more natural tones, you can give them the use you want since they combine with almost any garment you wear.

4. It is made with materials that do not harm the environment

Minimalism and atmosphere go hand in hand. People who are minimalists also believe that thanks to our attitudes and actions we can reduce the great climate and pollution problems that the planet is going through.

You must take into consideration that consumerism generates a lot of pollution, because basically companies exceed their production capacity, they try to produce much more to cover "needs", or, better said, cover demand, and therefore of course generate more income. However, the damage they do to the planet triples, whether at the level of energy, waste, among others.

Given this, minimalist people, or at least most of us, also support all measures that are applied to safeguard life on earth. And among this, I cannot fail to mention the materials with which the products are made.

We know that for many animal leather is a perfect material for making backpacks, purses, belts, shoes, among others. It is said that these materials provide garments with more durability, but… at what cost? Did an animal have to die in order to make a pair of shoes?

Well, I won't go into much detail on the subject because I'm not an environmentalist or anything like that. However, I believe that if we start from the premise that we minimalists live with what we need and try to give life another meaning beyond the material, it would be a bit illogical for us to support the killing of animals or damage to the environment to create clothes or shoes. .

Thanks to many movements that have arisen in recent years, fewer and fewer companies are dedicated to doing these things, and more and more people are condemning this type of act. Given this, alternative materials have become very popular and are equally high quality.

This is what minimalist backpacks are all about. Among their main characteristics, it stands out that they are made of ecofriendly or cruelty-free materials, and that, in addition, they are of good quality.

Quality is important because this will make our backpack last much longer, so we won't have to buy one after another every time it breaks.

5.They are comfortable and ergonomic

To finish with the 5 fundamental keys of what a minimalist backpack is like, I cannot fail to mention that these backpacks are characterized by being comfortable and ergonomic

Because they are average in size and don't have many cumbersome compartments or accessories, these backpacks are considered extremely comfortable.

The idea of ​​bringing minimalism to how we dress and what we wear is precisely to leave behind the thought of wearing something uncomfortable just because it looks good or because it's fashionable. We are not slaves and much less of anything material.

When you use something, the idea is that you use it for your comfort, because it solves or makes some things easier for you. In the case of the backpack, you use it because it is convenient to have a place to carry your books for school or your things for work. But then if you are looking for comfort, it is illogical to wear something uncomfortable for it.

That's basically why when you ask yourself what a minimalist backpack looks like, you should know that they are comfortable and ergonomic.

Why choose a minimalist backpack?

You already know what a minimalist backpack looks like, so now you should know why you should choose one.

That is why this time I will tell you a little about the main advantages of choosing a minimalist backpack. So if you already know what one is like and why you should choose it, I hope that you will soon decide to acquire one.

They are more comfortable

Well, as I mentioned earlier, minimalist backpacks are comfortable. That is why it is inevitable to mention this aspect when talking about the reasons for choosing this type of backpack.

Allows you to find things easily

One of the most remarkable aspects of minimalist backpacks is that they allow you to find things quickly and easily.

Has it ever happened to you that you lose your keys in your own backpack? Well, let me tell you that this can be much more common than you think and it happens because we have many compartments inside it and the keys simply get lost in one of them.

This does not happen with minimalist backpacks, since the keys would be in one place. Thus, it is much easier to find, not only the keys, but any other object you are looking for, in a much faster way.

They are friendly to the environment

As I already mentioned, minimalist backpacks are characterized by being friendly to the environment. In other words, in general, the material with which they were made is not so harmful to the environment, or no animal was harmed for it.

Combine with everything

If you're wondering what a minimalist backpack looks like, you should know that this type of backpack goes with everything. Yes, as you are reading it, they usually have colors such as beige, white, black, brown and other light tones that combine with any clothing.

As if that weren't enough, the minimalist design combines with any style of dress and occasion. So it doesn't matter if you're going to work or going for a walk in the park, with a minimalist backpack you can go both places and still look good.

Just enough fits in them

Slim or minimalist backpacks are ideal because they have the perfect size and compartment for you to store what you need. It is useless to have a giant backpack, where you are not using even a quarter of it, or, on the contrary, to fill it completely with things that you do not really need and to be uncomfortable carrying weight all day.

You won't have any of this with a minimalist backpack Just enough fits in these backpacks. Those important things that you really need for your outing, work or event, fit perfectly, the rest? It doesn't fit, but you don't need it either.


As you read throughout this article, minimalist backpacks are a real gem. Not only do they bring us many benefits to our minimalist lifestyle, but they also help the environment.

Really, I am more and more passionate about this lifestyle and all that it entails, I think I have learned a lot and above all I have become a more conscious and carefree person (materially speaking). And it is that, we have been slaves of materialism and consumerism, even today there are many people who are.

I am not only referring to those who want to acquire more and more material goods, but I am also referring to those who are exploited in the industries to cover the extensive demand that exists in the market. It really is a very complex topic and I wouldn't finish now, but I hope it has helped you to know what a minimalist backpack is like.

So, with the tips described here, I hope you have learned a bit and now know how to differentiate when a backpack is minimalist and when it is not. And of course! That you decide to acquire one of these wonderful backpacks.

Until the next article!