How is a minimalist portfolio: all the fundamental keys

cartera minimalista

Minimalist handbags are here to break away from conventional handbag models that are cumbersome to wear. The minimalist wallet is created in order to break paradigms, with the conventional and, above all, to be easy to use, a benefit not offered by the classic standard models that always end up burdened with excess documents and unnecessary cards.

A minimalist bag offers more freedom when traveling with it, since it will only need a small space where you decide to carry it, it is a creative solution for today's very hectic and committed world.

Its unique concept is to transfer the required documentation using a practical and ergonomic portfolio of reduced size, but with added values ​​and differential advantages that make it stand out and be chosen among the classic large portfolio.

The intention of a minimalist bag is, in addition to improving your image, simplifying your day to day or your moments of enjoyment, without worries, with practicality and relaxation. They are so attractive and useful that you don't want to have just one.

In this article we will explain the fundamental characteristics of minimalist handbags as well as the benefits it brings, a renewed essential accessory adapted to your attitude and style.

What is a minimalist portfolio?

cartera minimalista

A minimalist bag is an accessory with a compact design in which you can carry all the essentials, taking up minimal space when carrying. It offers what a conventional model cannot offer, since it has strategic designs, practicality, usability, and provides significant benefits in terms of image and ergonomics.

Characteristics of minimalist portfolios: fundamental keys

Among the characteristics of a minimalist portfolio we can mention the following:

Reduced size

It is a main feature of this style of wallets, their designs are small, designed to raise awareness in carrying only what is actually in constant use, such as identification documents and cards.

Likewise, it allows reduced use of the transfer of a large number of bills and coins that what they do is that a wallet looks bulky, misshapen and unattractive, like a conventional wallet.

Greater comfort

Minimalist handbag models will make you feel lighter, due to their small size, their models are highly comfortable, resulting in the least inconvenience possible due to the aesthetics of their shapes and how they are made; being easy to manipulate and take wherever you want.

Innovative designs

They offer innovative designs that we see in the collections they launch on the market, with a variety of models, designs, materials and colors, to please the different styles, requirements and specific needs of each person.

His style will always be practical, elegant and avant-garde, projecting a good image and aesthetics when handling, always adapting to market demands.

Super helpful

Keep in mind that a minimalist portfolio is very useful, especially because of how comfortable it is, its models are created in such a way that it allows reorganizing and debugging the documentation that is not necessary.

Give it the proper use, carrying what you really need in your day to day or to take to a special occasion, go on a trip or when you go to practice some sport. It will allow you to lighten and take with you only what is really necessary.


They are really adaptable bags for any occasion, they combine perfectly with everything, their model is casual and elegant at the same time, with a combination of up to three colors in the same bag to give the person the opportunity to use it with different colored costumes, they can be combined in a variety of colors from all neutral to the most daring, making you look presentable wherever you go


The ones with a minimalist model are practical to carry and will make you look like one, in addition to being organized, because they make it easy to enter and extract documentation in a pleasant way and not at all cumbersome (no you will want a conventional bag where you drop what you bring in it because of how bulky it is, because of the number of elements that are in it).

On the contrary, the minimalist ones give you manageability due to their flexible and resistant material at the same time, they take up almost no space wherever you carry it: pants or jacket pocket, even going unnoticed by pickpockets and owners of the foreign, since its practical model is to point to what is justly necessary.


In a single accessory you can store some bills, encouraging the little use of cash, from two to five cards or even less than five, depending on the other additional functions, identification document and some up to two keys, each model is adapted to the use you want to give it, the truth is that all this molded in a delicate size.

This unique and novel trend is versatile because it allows you to move as necessary without the need for excess elements.

Flexible material

These wallets are made with light, durable and quality materials that do not add more weight. The use of selected and sustainable materials are widely used in the realization of this accessory, such as the bark of the cork oak (cork), used without the need to cut down the tree, others also used are carbon fiber, canvas, polyester and skin.

Differential accessory

The bag, in general terms, is a necessary and essential accessory in our day to day life, but minimalist bags come to break with traditional patterns that no longer serve us today (large and bulky).

The added value that makes them stand out, stand out and be chosen over a conventional one is that their use is versatile but more simplified, due to the variety of differential advantages that they took into account when they were created.

Born organizers

When you see them, the first impression you receive is of order, neatness and organization, because having one will allow you to organize the documentation, protect the unusual in another place and even discard what is expired.

It is not aesthetic or good to keep a large bag when in reality what we want is to carry just what we are actually going to use or are using in a certain environment.


There are countless models and varieties for today's men and women, executives, merchants, athletes, you will always find a different model from the other; in colors, design and use, always finding the one that best suits you, but always aligned with the minimalist concept: comfortable and practical.


You will never see a deformed minimalist bag, worn and bulging over time, and this is due to its ergonomic design where its creators thought of always making themselves look and feel good, you may rather want to have another model with another color, use, and keep alternating with the one you already have

Benefits of minimalist portfolios

These tiny-sized handbags have managed to position themselves in the market, and this is motivated by the fact that in a showcase or in a virtual search they will be appreciated from the first moment and for the benefits that you should take into account:

Reduction of coins and bills

It will encourage you to choose to carry and use rather the financial elements necessary to make the payments you need to make at a certain time, avoiding bulkiness, weight and inconvenience.

Remember that by carrying a minimalist bag, you will have chosen to simplify what you unnecessarily carried in a conventional bag. It is the most comfortable way to feel comfortable with a bag.

Control of unnecessary expenses

Its design focused on carrying what is necessary for a certain moment, will make you carry not only the necessary cash but also the specific cards for the occasion, which will avoid compulsive and disproportionate purchases, taking care of your financial liquidity.

Use of technology

The minimalist wallet will support you in your desire to be at the forefront of technology, making use of applications to make electronic payments through your cell phone.


By using a minimalist bag you will evolve in your way of thinking in unnecessary roots, making your day to day less complicated and more practical, it will allow you to contribute with yourself to lead a new lifestyle always at the forefront.

Environmental sustainability

Thinking about the conservation of its natural resources, the majority of the materials used in the manufacture of minimalist handbags do not harm the environment, contributing in the best way possible to balance and preservation. The key message is to use a portfolio that does not contribute to the deterioration and extinction of the environment.


The body will appreciate not carrying so much weight or bulk in the lower part of the waist and back, and that benefit is only given by a minimalist bag that, due to its ergonomic design, contributes to the stability of the nerves of the neck , shoulders, back and lower waist.

The minimalist bags reduce the weight on our body avoiding future injuries, their models adapted to the activity we carry out on a daily basis contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Simplifies life

Believe it or not, minimalist handbags simplify life in one way or another. How? because it helps you avoid making unnecessary purchases, reduce use of the financial elements and things that we keep in it constantly that are no longer useful and are out of date, that we accumulate in it, often unintentionally.

Financial Freedom

By acquiring a minimalist bag you have already chosen your financial freedom and to change your consumption habits, also getting rid of the bad habit of accumulating things; a minimalist portfolio will support you in not doing it anymore.

Decreases stress

The sensation you feel having a minimalist bag is to feel light, calmer, without worrying about carrying many things on you, feeling more relaxed having everything under control, free and not excessive weight

Removes attachments:

We don't need to carry from here to there lots of personalized business cards, pieces of paper with messages, invoices, payment receipts, related to our daily transactions. The minimalist portfolios will delimit what you will take exactly, what is necessary to discard and what you will keep at home.

Sometimes we save things because we want to have them as a memory and that is not positive, we carry the memories in our mind, with the experiences we have at each moment .

Project order

When you have a minimalist bag, the moment when you take it out to use it is crucial, in addition to order, you will project neatness and control with your elements, as well as greater control in the manageability of the bag and even elegance in the way so easy that it makes taking out what you need right away.

Final recommendations

We are oriented towards a world where being practical is essential, using minimalist accessories, such as a handbag, is important, since it is an accessory that we carry everywhere, we do not leave the house without her; and it is that we always require to carry at least identification and some financial element to make a payment.

What is intended in the designs of minimalist handbags is to create a healthy habit towards people, without unconsciously attacking our body and the way we carry out our day to day, promoting new ways of thinking and have a better lifestyle, not only to look impeccable and fashionable but also to contribute to our health.

Currently minimalist accessories have boomed, for example, when traveling we can also opt for minimalist suitcases where it is combined to carry everything you need on the trip strategically organized in each compartment, with instructions on how to store everything that will be of use during the trip.

In short, when we think about carrying a bag, we must choose one that is minimalist, it will be the best investment acquired due to its versatility and usefulness that characterize it, it is to decide on the one that takes up little space, that does not weigh.

By acquiring a minimalist bag we are initiating a lifestyle that more than being a trend, you will experience the healthy feeling and relaxation that it provides to your life, surely you will want to have a stock of minimalist, light, compact and lightweight bags always.

The minimalist lifestyle is about living in a simpler and more sustainable way, it's about not keeping or carrying so many unnecessary things, it's about enjoying moments and everyday life more in a more simplified and relaxed way, since the world moves forward in constant agitation and stress, making it necessary to lean towards actions for ourselves that promote our well-being.