How to choose a backpack for school.

Cómo elegir una mochila para la escuela.

The backpack you use to go to school is one of the most important accessories, it will be in charge of carrying and keeping all your belongings safe. It is very important to make a correct choice of backpack for school since you are going to spend a lot of time with it and the ideal would be to buy a good and durable product.

In this post you will find information that will help you choose the best backpack for school. Paying attention to the most important points that will affect your day to day in a more direct way.

What uses are you going to give your backpack?


Although it seems like something very easy to answer, you must be clear from the beginning what are the uses that you are going to give to your backpack. To give an example, many use one for school and another to go out, which can lead to a different choice of your backpack for school.

If it is only going to be used to go to study, it is more convenient to choose one specifically designed for school. Otherwise, you will have to think about the different uses that you are going to give it to choose the best product.

The most important factors to choose a backpack for school

In the following section, you will see some of the most important factors that you should take into account when buying a backpack for school. These are based on the fact that the durability of the product is the greatest, that it is comfortable and, above all, that it is useful.

The type of backpack

There are different types of backpacks, the most common are back packs, followed by shoulder bags and finally those with wheels. This choice will depend entirely on what you feel most comfortable with. However, we can say that the back ones are usually much more pleasant to wear since carrying them is very simple compared to the others.

The size and weight

This could be the most important factor when choosing any type of backpack since you will always carry the weight of the contents plus that of the backpack itself. The ideal height is at mid back, using a lower or higher one can lead to spinal problems.

The weight will increase depending on the number of compartments and the material the backpack is made of. If it is going to be used multiple times , it is recommended to choose a medium size and weight that provides more versatility.

The straps

The straps are the support that allows you to carry the backpack with you, it is essential that they are made of a resistant material because if they break your backpack will be totally damaged. Useless. The most recommended thing is that they are made of nylon and are ergonomic, this will guarantee good durability and comfort.

Another quite convenient aspect regarding the straps is the fact that they are adjustable. This will allow you to adapt your backpack for school to the height that makes you feel most comfortable.

It is important that the straps of our backpack keep it attached to our back. Failure to do so will make it much more difficult to carry the load and can cause back problems in the long run.

The Compartments

Compartments are very important in any backpack for school, however, many of them have an excessive amount. Choose a model that has the necessary number of compartments, generally 3 or 4 is a good number since it is not common to take so many materials to school on the same day.

It is important that the compartments of the backpack are easily accessible, especially the main one since the most important things will be stored there Also pay close attention to the quality of the zipper that is in charge to close the compartments, since it is not convenient for you to leave your backpack open at all.

As a last point regarding the compartments, it is always quite useful that your backpack for school has sides. This way you can put things you always use there so you can find them quickly.


If your school backpack doesn't have waterproofing and gets wet, it can end up in a real catastrophe. Although a sophisticated system is not necessary like a camping backpack, it is highly recommended that at least the water does not leak inside.


Even if it doesn't seem like a big deal, it's best to choose a design you like, taking into account the places where you're going to use your backpack. Color is the most relevant aspect of the design, we recommend you get one that you can combine with any outfit.

If you are going to buy a backpack with decals, vinyl or any other decorative element, pay attention to the material they are made of. Most tend to fall out after a short time and will surely add a lot to the price when you go to pay for it.

The backup

The backrest of the backpacks is in the part that meets your back, today most backpacks have a backrest. This is responsible for making your back more comfortable and helping with perspiration since you tend to sweat a lot when wearing a backpack.

The factor that should be given the most attention regarding the backrest of a backpack for school is weight absorption. One that offers good support will be much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Conclusion on how to choose a backpack for school

The backpack is an important accessory and you should spend your time choosing a good one. If you pay attention to the sections that we have mentioned, you will surely choose one that you will carry for a long time, becoming one of those mythical items that we greatly appreciate.

Remember that it is better to choose a simple, resistant and useful product that you can carry everywhere and combine with any clothing than a backpack that is uncomfortable, of poor quality or that it does not fulfill its function correctly.

And, last but not least, the factor that will make your backpack an item you appreciate. That you really like it and that it provokes you to take it with you every day, although it seems obvious many times we get lost in the thousands of things that can influence it and we forget that the most important thing is that you like your backpack for school.

Frequently asked questions about how to choose a backpack for school

In the following section, you will find the most frequently asked questions that Internet users have regarding how to choose a backpack for school.

What is the best backpack brand for school?

There are many brands of backpacks, each with its particularities and prices. The best brand will be the one that best suits your needs maintaining a reasonable price between quality and price.

What is the most recommended material for a school bag?

Backpacks are made from a large number of materials, generally a combination of several. But the most recommended for school due to their great strength and low weight are those made from to nylon.

Is it advisable to use my school backpack for other things?

It depends a lot on what activities you decide to use it for, generally your school backpack will be useful for various things like playing sports, going out shopping, storing your jacket etc.

Of course, it is important to have made a correct choice of backpack, since, for example, one with wheels can hardly be used for many things.

Can I use an urban backpack for school?

Yes, an urban backpack can very well fulfill the function of going to school. However, these types of backpacks usually have one or two compartments, so getting organized can be a bit difficult. It should also be noted that they are usually made of thin layers of nylon, which could be punctured by a sharp enough pencil.

What is the ideal size of a backpack for school?

The size of the backpack can vary a lot according to age and size, it is recommended to choose one that corresponds in these aspects to who is going to use it. Always remembering that this should go to the middle back.

What health consequences can a bad backpack bring?

This is an aspect that very few pay attention to, having a backpack with bad straps, very heavy or that does not distribute the weight of the load well can cause problems in the long-term back.

How important is the backpack to go to school?

The backpack is one of the most important accessories to go to school, in it the notebooks and supplies will be stored, which generally cannot be carried in the hand. In addition to being useful to store any other type of things, such as food or a coat in case you use it.

Is it advisable to name the school backpack?

If you notice that someone has a very similar model it could be quite recommended, it can also be a good practice if the user of the backpack will be a very young child. It is recommended to identify it with the full name on the inside.

Recommendations when using a backpack for school

Now that you know everything you need to buy the best backpack for school on the market. We will help you a little to get more out of it with some recommendations on how to use it.

Putting this into practice will extend the life of your backpack and you will feel much more comfortable during use:

Organize the content well

It is important that every time you put anything inside the backpack you do it in an orderly manner. The heaviest should always go at the bottom, this way carrying the load will be much easier and the backpack will feel much more comfortable.

Empty it every day

It is recommended that every time you get home you empty your backpack to organize it again. In this way you avoid carrying unnecessary things and you will have all the content much more organized.

Do not put loose colors and pencils

This is an extremely important factor, the most common cause of damaged school bags is perforation due to loose colors or pencils.Aa sharp point is enough to pierce most interior walls (unless they are reinforced) this can lead to injuries as well as damage to the backpack

This has been our entire article on how to choose a backpack for school, we hope it will be very useful and you can find the model that best suits you. your needs and at an affordable price. If you liked the content, we invite you to continue browsing, we have all types of posts that will surely be of interest to you.

Don't use it with only one shoulder

A very common practice is to use backpacks on only one shoulder, which is not recommended at all. When this is done, the weight of the body is usually compensated with the posture, which will bring problems in this aspect in the long term, in addition to contributing to the development of pain in the lower back .

Consider the straps

The backpack should always be adjusted to the middle part of the back, it should not be too tight or too loose. You should always keep your straps properly adjusted so that it is easy to take on and off.

If you have to make any kind of awkward movement to remove or put on the backpack, adjust the strings to make it easier. This will help you avoid future back problems as these postures tend to strain the muscles and bones of the back.

In summary, all these aspects are what you should take into consideration when choosing a backpack for school. I hope this article has been useful to you. Until next time!