How to choose a minimalist backpack to carry my laptop

Cómo elegir una mochila minimalista para llevar mi portátil

In current times, both teachers and students and any type of person, carry the laptop with them on many occasions and the best way to take it with you everywhere and transport it easily is through laptop backpacks, in this case “minimalist”.

Without a doubt, you will find the best option in every way. You must take into account two things when buying a minimalist backpack for a laptop, which differentiates it from a common backpack, and that is comfort and safety, that many more characteristics emerge from these that we will show you as we go along so that the you can choose.

Carrying a laptop usually means many things, going in a briefcase, shoulder bag or backpack, all in order to protect our work tool, but remember that not all of these are suitable and the reason is that not all backpacks are the same and can damage your equipment and even your back.

Choosing a minimalist backpack to carry my laptop

mochila minimalista

This type of backpack is becoming more and more in trend, because they are something very personal and people are willing to pay a good amount of money for minimalist backpacks that have the best designs, especially when they bring a good number of accessories or pockets. And it is that even if it is a minimalist backpack we will always have to carry more things, in addition to our laptop, going light sometimes becomes a dream.

Choosing the best backpack is almost always a dream because our needs are sometimes not complete in the prototype we buy and although it is usually a bit complicated with this series of tips you will have a broad vision regarding the most highlights of the backpack.

You can find many models, brands, features and prices, but what they will all offer you is protection for your equipment with the ergonomics of taking it everywhere, with everything else you need for your work requirements such as documents, wallets, keys, etc.

What cannot be missing when choosing a laptop backpack and that is immersed in its morphology is the accessory that attracts the buyer, such as fashion.

With this complete guide you will realize that when reviewing the different minimalist backpacks on the market, but the most important thing is that you will be left with a firm criterion when choosing your backpack that will be of great help to you to satisfy the basic needs of your preference. From the reinforcements to the compartments, security elements and ports.

Below we will mention the most important features that you should take into account if you want to buy the best minimalist backpack for your laptop:

1. Size

You should keep in mind that when we are referring to minimalist backpacks for laptops, the most fundamental thing in this case will be the size. That is why you must have the size of your laptop computer in order to buy the right one, in this way your equipment will be safe, since it needs to be kept adjusted.

To help you more, there are some standard measures for comfort when shopping.

  • Size S for 13 to 14-inch laptops; of the small size.
  • Size M for 15.6-inch laptops; medium size.
  • Size L for 17-inch laptops; of the large size.

As you will see and especially as an example, size S backpacks are the minimalist ones, since they comprise the smallest size of laptop computers, this as we mentioned for the adjustability of your computer, because it can cause discomfort and inconvenience when carrying it in a larger one and even a deterioration of the laptop by dancing around inside a larger backpack

Otherwise you will also find backpacks that fit their measurements in liters, from 20 to 90 liters that will depend beyond the size of your laptop on the capacities to which you want to subject them in the number of objects that want to include in it.

As a piece of advice, we recommend a size S backpack that can vary in size depending on the brand and model, remember that they must fit snug and if they happen to have another inch more you can go to your computer put a cover on it to generate more thickness that will allow you more support and prevent movements.

2. Materials

One of the fundamental characteristics when choosing a minimalist backpack for laptops is its manufacturing materials. The quality of the product will depend on this characteristic, its lightness, its resistance in order to ensure the integrity of your device, likewise and in terms of resistance, it will allow you to have a durable product and thus make an investment that allows you to enjoy, since it is resistant to wear.

The most suitable material for this will be nylon backpacks, because nylon provides lightness and great resistance. Also other of the most resistant and good quality fibers will be synthetic ones such as polyester, although there are also models that contain some elements of neoprene.

As for the materials that define the good quality of the minimalist backpack, it will be the combination of materials that make up its composition, in this case the zippers must be resistant, including the padded elements for the maintenance and support of your laptop that in turn is comfortable and light.

3. Compartments

At this point we will show you a highly relevant character for minimalist backpacks for laptops, we are talking about this accessory that makes up the number of pockets, not only for your laptop but also for the other items and things you need to take with you.

The minimalist backpacks for laptops are represented by their ease and practicality of use, since being small in size they leave aside the cumbersome weight.

This does not mean that it has to be something extremely restricted, since a good number of pockets and compartments will always be necessary, so that whatever the moment or profession they hold, you will need your backpack to be shared to carry your books or documents, since each compartment is designed for each thing.

The important thing about the compartments is that there is an exclusive one for your laptop. It is worth opting for one in your backpack model that has pockets for your mobile phone, tablet or any other item electronic of your possession, an external compartment for the water and different pockets that generate the comfort and the order that you need to find your things with ease.

4. Impermeability

This is a feature that is related to the materials but due to how essential it is, it is necessary to make a detailed reference, since for your electronic devices to be properly protected against possible occasional rain, sweat, humidity or any liquid spillage, it is better to opt for a waterproof backpack.

The vast majority of laptop backpacks are waterproof, but beware, the vast majority, there may be some brands that do not have this as a priority, that is why you should make sure before buying it and have a hard time the non-observance of the material

This type of backpack gives you greater security since you avoid the risk of getting your valuables wet and damaging them in some way.

5. Comfort and fit options

Think before you buy; If you have to take long walks or move from one place to another that adds stress to the convulsions of day to day carrying an abrupt weight, it is very exhausting, so you must consider factors such as comfort.

Minimalist backpacks that have padding on the back cover and wide shoulder straps are meant to greatly lessen the feeling of being burdened.

Regarding their ergonomics, in general, backpacks for laptops are very comfortable, but remember that in this case they are minimalist, even though their compartments must be well adapted to your needs, it is not to carry everything that comes your way.

Make sure when trying it on that you feel the handles distribute your weight evenly across your shoulders, as this will allow you to keep your hands free, which means they are suitable for everything from commuters to walkers a lot for your day or even if you are one of those who use a bike.

6. Security

One of the characteristics with substantial relevance that you must evaluate when making the purchase of your minimalist backpack such as security, this is fundamental and you must have the certainty that the backpack you choose will give it to you.

The model you choose must be very complete. It is important that the chosen model has resistant elements capable of withstanding bumps and scratches, to ensure the integrity of your laptop as well as that of your backpack, verify it very well so that your items come out unscathed in any eventuality.

Another security feature that you can ask your seller if you are not an expert, are all those models that provide you with an anti-theft protection system such as padlocks, pockets secrets or RFID locks that work to keep your most important accessories safe and secure.

So before choosing a backpack you can take into account all the options of this type. Remember that backpacks are carried on the back for greater comfort, logically, and that to a certain extent makes them more vulnerable to theft, which is why we have decided to dedicate a more specific space to you on this topic, offering you a subcategory that people go by unnoticed as it is:

6. 1 Resistance

Although these aspects are not so valued at first glance, it is essential that you take them into account, the resistance of your backpack will give rise to good security, that is It is essential that your backpack has closure zippers made of resistant material and that these are robust, that they have the ease that they can be repaired in the unlikely event that it breaks, that they have reinforcements in areas prone to chafing due to theft .

That is to say, the resistance of the backpack is a very important factor since this is an element linked to security that will guarantee the stability of your laptop.

Even going to higher security ranks there are cases in which certain minimalist backpacks have a backrest in their internal compartments that make it very safe for physical integrity as it is a bulletproof protector, which is never too much and you can consult it with the store's salesman

7. Use

Upon reaching this point and after having analyzed and understood the previous points and determined your needs according to your aspirations, you must now emphasize what you are going to use it for.

Remember the versatility of the product you buy but if you are a person with specific tastes and characteristics, it is recommended that, if you are one of those who travel a lot, you may be interested in minimalist backpacks that express hand luggage skills.

If it is for the office, remember to buy one that has enough space as well as pockets to store all your papers. If you dedicate yourself to the world of the image, the varied compartments that give you enough space to transport your photographic equipment with the laptop. So first of all, you need to think about what you want it for.

8. Style

Finally, we bring you this point that cannot go unnoticed, since as you can see it is something that will go with you to the events and situations you need, that is why style is fundamental.

The minimalist backpacks for laptops have in themselves a neutral element, since they can be taken anywhere without any problem since they are designed for young people and students, and always in their neutrality they have a casual style. However, that leaves no room for you to choose another style of backpacks that start from elegant, sports, etc. Thanks to the enormous diversity of brands and users.