How to decorate your home in a minimalist way

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Who doesn't love to decorate their home? It is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant activities, either because you are remodeling and making a change to your home, or simply because you are in the middle of moving.

The point is that today there are so many styles that are dominating the world of interior decoration, which sometimes makes it difficult to decide on one, but the truth is that there is one in particular that people love it, and that more and more people are choosing it, and it's all about minimalism.

If the minimalist style catches your attention and you want to introduce it into your home but you don't know where to start, don't worry, because in this article we will provide you with some ideas and recommendations so that you can decorate your home following the guidelines of this new trend.

Minimalist decoration: What is it like?

decoración minimalista

Minimalism is a lifestyle that is here to stay, and more and more people are applying it, even when decorating their home. But, how is the minimalist decoration? If you're wondering that, then let me tell you the following:

Decorating your home with a minimalist style refers to simplifying everything to the maximum, and here they take into account the phrase "less is more", since what really matters it's the functionality, not the objects you might have.

What do I mean by this? that with this form of decoration we seek to gain space and functionality, using the least amount of elements possible, since it is not ideal to saturate the home with an excess of objects such as furniture, chairs, tables, pictures, among others, there is only room for what that is deemed necessary.

How to decorate your home in a minimalist way?

Decorating your home with a minimalist style is not as difficult as it seems to be, even if you start to see, it is super simple, because it is not necessary to have many elements, you just have to let functionality be the main protagonist.

But if you're just entering this world and don't know where to start, here are some basic tips, things that characterize this style and that you should keep in mind when making your decoration.

Use of soft colors

When we talk about decorating in the best minimalist style, soft colors are usually used, with monochromatic surfaces and backgrounds. In general, the most used tones in this style are white, gray and beige, and any variation of both can be applied and combined with some touches of black.

Although these colors are the main ones, there are also minimalist people who choose to use colors such as red or pistachio in their decoration, but they only do that if they have some decorative object.

The ideal is to use light tones that do not differ much from one another, since this would not create a space with many contrasts and provides a feeling of spaciousness.


To decorate your home in a minimalist way, you must bear in mind that in this style there are certain materials that stand out from others and that not just any are used.

Among the materials that stand out within this style of decoration, the following stand out:

  • Make use of simple textiles

Textiles are widely used in minimalist decoration, but yes, we must bear in mind that not just any type of textile, since only those that are simple are used.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid those that are very striking because they do not provide freshness or relaxation, that is, those that have patterns or flowers, and opt for soft, smooth ones, preferably in ivory

  • Wood is essential

Something that characterizes the minimalist style is the use of wood, either on the floors or in the furniture used, so if you want to decorate your home following the parameters of this trend, you must introduce said material as part of your decoration.

  • Others

Although wood is the main material in this style, others are also often used, such as smooth cement, aluminium, steel wire, glass and even stones, preferably in good condition. natural and have been a little manipulated.


Many people do not know what to do when it comes time to choose the furniture for their minimalist home, and it is that without a doubt choose one that suits that style , it can be a bit tricky.

But to help you a bit with the task, you should know that it is best to select simple but functional furniture. The most used designs are modern and oriental.

Do not overdo the elements

As has been said, a minimalist style is characterized by having only the necessary elements, without falling into excess. So don't overload your home, use only objects that are essential, to save space and provide practicality.


To decorate your minimalist home lighting comes into play a lot, so it is necessary to choose one that is optimal. What do I mean by that? again with the saying less is more, do not make the mistake of having many light bulbs in your house, but rather one per room that illuminates each corner.


We already know that minimalism is characterized by not having many decorative objects, but that does not mean that you cannot have an ornament in a room.

The decorations can give it that different touch, but for this it needs to be a different color, for example a green pillow or a vase with red flowers. Of course, you must make sure that this is the only decoration in the room, so that it stands out and breaks the monochromatic.


This aspect is extremely important in the minimalist style, so you should have your home in complete order, without having things lying on the floor or giving an image of dirt.

Therefore, avoid at all costs having accumulated papers that are perceptible to the naked eye, they must have their own storage place. And just like the papers, this applies to all things; order is key.

Examples of decoration: How can you decorate each space in your home?

You already know what your home should have in terms of decoration to be considered minimalist, but you may not yet know how to apply these tips to each of the spaces in your home.

Therefore, I will mention some ideas or examples of decoration that you can implement for each room or space in your home:


Minimalist bedrooms are characterized by being simple, with limited but functional furniture: a bed, a nightstand, a wardrobe and a lamp.

The bed should also be simple, free of headboards and shapes that break with harmony. It should be covered with light colored sheets, preferably one color.

The bedside tables can be natural wood cubes, or they can have a dark finish to give that different touch. As for the wardrobe, it should be simple, without many details, if it is made with wood, a lot better.

These are the basic elements that every minimalist room should have, even the only ones that should be. If you are used to using dressers, trunks or siphonier, in this style you should do without them.


Like the bedroom, the bathroom should be simple, even there is nothing from another world or different from the bathrooms of another style, you just have to keep simplicity in mind.

Use elongated furniture, with simple shapes and without decorations, instead of having a bathtub it is preferable to use a shower. In addition, it is recommended to use tiles in light colors or that simulate natural stone.

Living room

Simplicity comes into play again, so you'll want to avoid many items in your living room and stick to just the essentials, but don't compromise on comfort and well-being.

Why is this done? Well, to create a pleasant and much larger space. Therefore, you should have a light or dark colored sofa, a simple coffee table, and a TV cabinet.

If you need a space to store things, it is recommended to use floating shelves and not shelves, in order to provide a greater sense of spaciousness.

You can opt for some decorative elements such as plants or a painting, but you must remember not to overdo it, with a single object is more than enough.


It is common for kitchens to be quite overloaded with elements, but in a minimalist decoration this does not happen, like the rest of the rooms in the home, the kitchen should be simple.

There are minimalist kitchens that opt ​​for completely clean walls, without any type of element, but there are others that allow shelves with glass doors.

In case of choosing the first alternative, there should be several pieces of furniture and drawers in the lower part, in order to have a storage space. It is also recommended to have stools or chairs made of wood or steel, preferably without a back, as this will optimize the space.

Dining room

They consist only of the essentials, and that is because a minimalist dining room is characterized by using the minimum number of elements possible. Basically, you should only have a table with its chairs, a hanging lamp, and a decorative ornament; that is more than enough.

The important thing is that the space matches, so that a perfect and harmonious design is created.


In case you have a garden in your home, it should also have a minimalist style, and for this it should follow the same pattern as the interior, it should be simple, in which you can disconnect and enjoy a green and relaxing space.

Each object that is placed there must be functional, without excess plants because the ideal is not to have to invest so much time in their care, everything must be simple but elegant.


If you want to decorate your minimalist home, all the spaces must be in harmony, even the laundry room. But how can a laundry be minimalist? Well, very simple, it must be a functional space with the necessary elements.

Apart from the washing machine and the faucet, it is necessary to have a space where you can put your clothes and other elements, so for this it is essential to have cabinets. In this way everything will be tidy, providing comfort and relaxation.

Study or office

For the study room to be consistent with the minimalist style it is necessary for the space to be functional What do I mean by this? things you need daily to work, are properly organized so you can be comfortable

And there is nothing worse than working in a messy office, since without a doubt that does not generate an atmosphere of tranquility or harmony. And the minimalist style is characterized precisely by that, by providing the person with a quiet space and total relaxation.

So it is best to choose to have few pieces of furniture, only those that are necessary, such as a desk and chair, the computer, and a shelf where you can store your books, folders or any work document.

In case the room has a large space, you can place a small table and armchairs, so you can sit down if you like to read a book comfortably. It is also ideal to have a plant, as it helps create a relaxing environment.

To finish, I can tell you that the minimalist style is ideal to introduce it in your home, because decorating in this way will allow you to create a different environment, full of peace, tranquility and simplicity.

But above all it will help you make your home functional, that each element that takes place there is necessary and usable. Remember that it doesn't matter how many things you have if you really, at the moment of truth, don't give them the use they deserve. If you follow these tips you can make your home totally minimalist Let's get to work!