How to create a minimalist office to work and create.

Cómo crear un despacho minimalista para trabajar y crear.

When we think of a minimalist office, many times images of a space without furniture and practically nothing come to mind. Or, on the contrary, the idea that it is something very easy to carry out crosses our minds.

However, having a home office is something that we must carry out carefully, so that in this way we can really work, with creativity and enthusiasm.

I'm not saying it's hard, because it really isn't. However, it is something that we must evaluate in depth in order to achieve our initial goal, which is to have a minimalist office.

That is why in this article I explain a little about the forms and the steps you must follow to be able to create a minimalist office without any problem, in a way that quick and easy let's go there!

How to create a minimalist office?

despacho minimalista

Creating a minimalist office is something that may sound simple, but the reality is that it requires a lot of attention on your part. It is not only about having minimalist furniture, but also about having a consistent decoration, having everything in order, eliminating unnecessary things, among other elements that are important.

The reality is that for this you need an exhaustive analysis of your office, in order to determine what to change and what not.

That is why I am going to mention below the 10 basic steps you must follow in order to have a minimalist office.

1. Invest in space-saving furniture

One of the best options to have a minimalist office is to invest in furniture that saves space.

There is a wide variety of minimalist furniture on the market that will help you with your task. First of all, take into consideration what furniture you need. For example, in an office you require a desk, perhaps a shelf, a piece of furniture or a dresser, among others.

Once you have determined the furniture you will use, it is time to dedicate yourself to looking for furniture that is comfortable and takes up little space.

A key example is standing desks, which are very ergonomically designed as they are adjustable. In other words, this type of desk, in addition to taking up little space, is ideal for your comfort, since it allows you to work sitting or standing, as you prefer.

Remember that the ideal way to create your minimalist office is to choose comfortable options that contribute to your ergonomics, and of course, that are useful for having a more organized space.

All this will contribute to your creativity and will allow you to work in an orderly, comfortable and, above all, much more efficient way.

2. Forget the paper

How many times has it happened to you that you enter an office and see the desks full of paper? Many times, right? This is practically normal in any office, however, it is not ideal.

When we see the mountains of paper, it creates in us a feeling of tiredness, annoyance, often causing stress. This directly affects our creativity, so it is recommended that you avoid it.

Now, how to avoid accumulating paper? We know that in any office the handling of papers and documents is something very common. However, we can team up with technology to make that a thing of the past.

Digitization is something you should take into account if you want to achieve a minimalist office, which allows you to work and create comfortably. You can choose to digitize the documents and store them on your computer, on a flash drive, hard drive or use cloud services.

Undoubtedly, this is a very beneficial option for you that will allow you to work more comfortably and relieve the stress caused by mountains of paperwork

3. Acquire only the materials you need

With such a large market, it is very normal to see a large number of products of any type that make us want to have them. However, this is nothing more than consumerism, and we should avoid it.

When we are organizing our office, it is important to get rid of all those elements that we do not need. Many times we tend to exaggerate when it comes to office supplies, and we have endless items that we never use or will use. Have only what you need.

Trust me! It is not necessary that you have a pencil holder full of pencils and pens that many times do not even have ink. Try to only have the one you use and maybe a spare, no more, you don't need it. And so, with all the other elements that you have in your office. The idea is to keep only those things you need, forget about excesses and organize yourself better.

4. Limit distractions

As you well know, one of the great announcements of minimalism is that you leave behind the excesses and the popular phrase “less is more”. This goes for every minimalist look you can imagine.

It does not only apply to your lifestyle, or your clothes, or your properties, it applies to everything, including decoration.

When you have a very overloaded decoration, this can lead to clutter (believe it or not) and, above all, to distractions that you really don't want in your day to day life and less so in your workplace.

That is why it is important that you take into consideration avoiding excesses that can distract you in the decoration. Consider having a minimalist and delicate decoration, remember that less is more.

On the other hand, the only distraction you may have is not only the decoration, but also the elements that you have inside your home office.

By having your workstation in your home, you run the risk of having distractions that can waste a lot of time. That is why you should take them into consideration and avoid them.

Among the main distractions I must mention any type of electronic device, some object or element that distracts you from your established functions.

5. Invest in cross-functional teams

Multifunctional devices are ideal for you to transform your home office into a minimalist office. Not only will they bring you many economic benefits, but you will also save space and time.

It is useless to have, for example, a printer, apart from having a scanner and a photocopier, all in separate equipment, the reasons? Well, first, you will spend more money buying and maintaining each piece of equipment, second, they will take up much more space, and third, your office will be more overloaded.

The solution? Buy an all-in-one copier, with which you can scan, print and make copies. This will save you a lot of money and best of all it will allow you to maintain greater order in your office.

This should not only apply to printers, but also to other equipment. For example, there are people who have a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and a cell phone, and they all use it for something different. On the other hand, if you have a laptop, instead of a desktop computer, you will be able to reduce space and the functionalities will be the same.

That is the main idea, that you have multifunctional equipment that helps you reduce space and costs.

6.Have a calendar and an agenda

One of the best tips to be able to maintain order, not only in the physical space of your office, but also in all your planning is to have a calendar and an agenda, where you should write down any type of event, homework, and project you have

When you use planning with a calendar and an agenda, you start to organize yourself better. No matter how many projects you have to complete, if you plan properly you can keep things under control.

That is why I think you should take great importance in having an agenda or some planner, where you write down all the things you have pending. The idea is that you have a specific schedule for each thing and try to follow it to the letter. This will avoid setbacks and, above all, will make you work in a more orderly, calm and stress-free way.

So my recommendation is that you get a planner so you can keep track of all the things you need to do. I assure you it will help you a lot.

7. Set a place for everything

One of the basic principles of minimalism is that everything should have its place. For example, when you organize your office, you must have an assigned place for each object you have.

I indicate this because it is very common that we do not have a specific place assigned to the objects, and we end up placing them wherever. This shouldn't happen because it encourages clutter, and when you need something quickly you'll have trouble finding it in time.

A minimalist office has everything in order. From the pencils we use, to the folders, chairs and decorations; so keep that in mind.

8. Get rid of unnecessary things

Unnecessary things are just that: unnecessary. My recommendation is that you evaluate all the objects that you have in your office and based on that you begin to determine what you need and what you don't.

Be practical and completely honest in determining what is really necessary and what is not. Evaluate well, and if there are things that you have not used for months, they are simply not necessary, so you can do without them.

The key to a minimalist home office is to have only things you really need. It is worthless that you have a thousand objects in your office that you do not use, and that are only taking up space and creating more clutter.

So let's go! analyze what objects you have, what you need and what you don't.

9. Practice “less is more”

The most used phrase in minimalism: less is more. This is something that you should always keep in mind in your life and in all aspects of it, including in your office.

More work does not always mean more money or more peace of mind. On the contrary, many times “less is more”. Worry about quality and not quantity and apply it to your work.

On the other hand, consider this for all the objects and implements you need in your home office, from pens, sheets, folders and other office supplies, such as furniture and decorations. Everything must be in perfect harmony and forget to exaggerate with things.

10. Use technology, but don't overdo it

Technology will always be an ally when it comes to streamlining processes and carrying them out. Without a doubt, it can provide many benefits to those who take advantage of these tools.

However, it can also be a double-edged sword to avoid if you want to be 100% focused in your home office. Being in your home, you may have access to televisions and other equipment that distract you.

On the other hand, your mobile device can be very useful for work obviously However, sometimes it takes up a lot of time, since we can access social networks, games or anything else that takes up our time and it distracts us while we work.

That is why my recommendation is that you use technology, but do not overdo it. If you can block the applications that you should not open on your mobile while you work, do not have any television in your office, or other equipment that can contribute to your distraction.


By way of conclusion I can tell you that there are many steps that you must carry out in order to have a minimalist office. As you could see, although there are several, it is not something that is difficult or very complicated to carry out.

However, if it is something that you should consider doing carefully, since you will have to eliminate excesses that you do not need, thus following the principle of “less is more”.

So, in summary, I hope these tips help you to create a fantastic minimalist office in your home. This will help you a lot to work more comfortably, and, above all, it will encourage your creativity.

I hope you find everything indicated useful! See you in the next article!