Large wallet vs small wallet, which is better?

Cartera grande vs cartera pequeña ¿qué es mejor?

Many times you have asked yourself which bag is better, a large bag or a small bag. And this is something totally common, since it is normal for this indecision to arise.

The models and designs of both types of handbags can be similar, very pretty, and the truth is that there is something for everyone! However, there are some aspects that you should consider before making the decision.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. Basically you should ask yourself why you want it, what will be the use you will give it and take comfort into consideration, because there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on the street.

So for this reason I created this article, where I will talk to you about the different types of handbags and there you can draw your own conclusions and decide on the one that suits you best.

Which is better: a large bag or a small bag?


Deciding whether a large bag or a small bag is better is very difficult, since it will largely depend on your tastes and needs.

There are people who like to have a bigger bag to hold their things. Perhaps they also lead a different lifestyle, where they require more space.

On the other hand, there are people who, on the contrary, with their day to day it is not necessary that they opt for large handbags, but with a small one they are more comfortable. And the reality is that having a smaller wallet will give you greater comfort.

However, as I indicated, this is a very personal decision and will depend on each person. That is why below, I will mention the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type of portfolio so that you can decide on the one you like the most.

Large wallets

Large handbags for many people are better, since they can store more things in it. It is ideal for people who have many cards or documents to protect.

They are a good option for those who work with many documents or who need to protect many elements. However, there are several pros and cons that you should consider first.


Among the main advantages of a large portfolio, the following are mentioned:

  • Allows you to store more cards: being a large wallet you can store many more things in it.
  • They adapt to any style: there are many styles and models on the market.
  • They have very striking designs: In general, the designs of this type of portfolio are striking.


Once the advantages of large portfolios are known, it is necessary to know what their disadvantages are:

    • They take up a lot of space: Being large, you should keep in mind that they take up a lot of space, both to carry them with you and to store them.
    • They are usually uncomfortable: as they are very large bags, it is uncomfortable to carry them.
    • They are not minimalist: one of the main aspects of minimalism is to use only what is necessary. When you have a very large bag, you will end up keeping things in them that you don't really need. Doing so, you carry an unnecessary weight.

Small Purses

Small handbags are very useful since they allow you to carry what you really need and make all those excesses that we usually carry with a large handbag simply disappear Without a doubt, this makes let's be more comfortable when going out anywhere.

Small handbags are minimalist, and they really are very trendy right now. They are ideal for those who do not want to carry a lot of weight, for those who follow their minimalist lifestyle or for those who do not need to store many things.

Among the advantages and disadvantages that small wallets present, I mention the following:


Among the main advantages of small wallets, I mention the following:

  • They are very comfortable and practical: thanks to its size, it is a very comfortable type of bag.
  • You can take them anywhere: being small you can take them with you wherever you go.
  • Combine with everything: just like in larger bags, they can be combined with everything, you just have to choose a model and design that benefits you.
  • It allows you to carry what you really need: preventing you from having unnecessary “extra space”.
  • Allows you to take care of your documents: being smaller, you will have fewer cards or documents inside, which will allow you to keep all your documents in better condition.


The disadvantages of having a small portfolio are the following:

  • If you need to carry a lot of things, you may not fit all of it: the main and I think the only disadvantage of using a small bag is that you have limited space to store things. If you need to store a lot, you probably won't fit everything in the bag.

Conclusion: which is better?

In order to conclude with which is the best portfolio, whether a large or a small, I must first tell you that it depends on many factors.

First you should consider when or what you need the bag for. For example, it is not the same that you need the bag for your daily use, as you need it to go to work or go to the gym.

However, I particularly like small bags, basically because I'm much more attracted to the minimalist style. And as you know, minimalist handbags provide us with many more benefits than a large handbag, especially when it is based on comfort and ergonomics.

So my recommendation is that you go for a small bag. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a large one, that's fine! Nothing happens.

Small bag: why use a minimalist bag?

When you have a big wallet, it's easy to put anything in it, be it receipts, bills, coins, credit cards or even some important document.

After you add all these unnecessary items to your portfolio, that's when you'll start to feel the weight of it all. This is why I believe that having a small and minimalist bag will ensure that you can only carry a certain number of items, which means that it will be lighter.

So here are some things that will answer your question: why use a small bag?

1. Eliminate the chances of misplacing or losing the wallet

A huge and bulky wallet will increase the chances of you losing your documents or money.Because it is so bulky, you will have to hold it or place it on the table when you sit down, thus increasing the chances of losing it

A minimalist wallet can be carried with you all the time, without the problem of it getting lost.

On the other hand, a bulky, disorganized wallet loaded with all sorts of bills, cards, receipts, and cash can make everything messy. You might even feel embarrassed trying to find your cash to pay some bills in full view of other people.

And to top it off, having a large wallet will make it take you a little longer to access important items. To prevent you from being embarrassed in public or if you want to save your valuable time, you should look for one that is minimalist. So it is best to have a small bag, which allows you to keep only a few of the most important items.

The main reason for doing this is the need to have easy access to your credit cards, IDs and even cash. Therefore, this saves you time and effort at the same time.

2. It's much more comfortable

Unlike huge bulky purses, a small purse is much more comfortable. Regardless of the design or style you choose, the minimalist will be much more comfortable and will help prevent the development of back and hip problems.

The market offers many styles and designs of handbags. Regardless of the design or style you choose, though, you'll need to buy a minimalist wallet if you want to stay organized throughout the day, express your style, and keep your documents safe.

Because minimalist handbags are becoming more popular by the day, most brands produce them and sell them at a higher price.

While large handbags have been the talk of the town since time immemorial, their place has been taken for obvious reasons. You just have to imagine the discomfort of holding the huge bag in your hands all day.

This is just awkward, especially in the middle of an important meeting with business partners. It's even awkward having to deal with it when you're out with your friends.

Any person who likes and knows fashion is fully aware that looking great can also be achieved with a small bag. So if you're worried about how you'll look, this won't be a problem.

However, you should keep in mind that this is not just about fashion, it's about comfort. So now you know!

3. All your documents will have a longer duration

Gone are the days when you fill your purses with all sorts of items. In addition to looking old-school, keeping too much stuff in your wallet can destroy your valuable items like credit cards and IDs.

Replacing those items is clearly frustrating and time consuming at the same time. No one would ever want to find themselves in such an awkward situation. Well, at least one completely sane person wouldn't.

So you can avoid these problems by using a small wallet. This will help you only put what you really need in it, and therefore, keep your credit or debit cards and documents safe and durable.

4. They are more ergonomic

You may be wondering how a small bag can improve your health. And you should know that carrying a large bag can damage your posture, due to the weight you would be carrying.

There are many diseases that can cause poor posture, and it can cause nerve pain, such as sciatica and piriformis syndrome. Even weight and size can damage your posture and ultimately lead to back problems. So, one of the main reasons why you should use a small bag is that they are lighter.

So, if you really care about your health, then it's time you considered carrying a smaller bag.

5. They are elegant and functional

Small wallets come in many different designs, colors, and styles. You can choose from endless materials and colors such as black, brown, beige, and many others.

Without a doubt, you can find a wide variety of minimalist handbags on the market, since they have been the trend for a long time. Therefore, the options you will have to choose from are many.


To end this comparison between large wallets and small wallets, we can say that in the first instance everything will depend on the use you want to give it, since it is of a purely personal decision.

However, if you ask me, I particularly like small bags more, as they fit more with my minimalist style. In addition, I believe that they provide many more benefits to those who use them, especially in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

Despite this, as I mentioned everything will depend on the personal use that each person will give it and the needs that each individual has. Basically, to choose a good portfolio, you must analyze the following:

  • Make it comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Have a design that suits you and your tastes.
  • Choose a bag that has a quality material.
  • Make it durable.
  • That suits you and your needs.

So, in conclusion, you should analyze these elements in order to choose the ideal portfolio for you. So, in general, I hope these tips have helped you and you can choose the bag that you like the most, be it large or small.

Until the next article!