7 minimalist habits to make your life simpler

7 hábitos minimalistas para hacer tu vida más simple

Minimalism is not only an aesthetic current, a trend or a design, it is a lifestyle that helps us to lighten everyday life, being able to apply it in any aspect of our life; making everything easier and hassle-free.

We constantly see people who keep too many unnecessary things or carry many items with them under the pretext of "just in case", in case they need it at any given time. There are also other people who continue in unnecessary situations out of fear, because they don't have enough courage, or because they don't know where to start to take that first step towards a calmer and healthier life.

That is why we will talk about the minimalist habits, where the intention is to learn to live with what you only need and what makes you feel comfortable. It will certainly not be an easy task, but we must learn to cultivate detachment from certain things that are no longer useful or necessary in our lives.

It may be that at some point these things stayed with us and were useful to us, but there comes a point in which what we keep so much may already be out of date or we are saving it unnecessarily in spaces that could be taken advantage of Another way. Therefore, we must act and get rid, because otherwise we can become accumulators of the non-essential and of what does not do well.

But don't worry, the minimalist habits that we will share with you below will help you adopt a new lifestyle, opening you up to new things and letting off steam spaces, emotions and situations, in order to lead a calmer, more pleasant and relaxed life, without complications or excesses.

7 minimalist habits for your life


The minimalist habits will guide you to undertake a new way of living, where you can lighten the loads that make you feel out of focus, archaic and without energy. It is normal for us to submit to these situations, even sometimes unnecessarily, that is why it is important to make way for practicality, for what is comfortable, learning to let go in order to lead a life with only the essentials.

Avoid compulsive purchases

A very important point, and that is that we are often exposed to countless product merchants who encourage us to visit stores to acquire things that are not a priority, either because we have a similar one or because we simply do not need it .

We must avoid compulsive purchases, that of buying to buy is not correct, why? because they affect our finances. Even buying something that is not really necessary can lead to not having liquidity for situations where a necessary investment is required.

It is important to activate the conscience and evaluate, just at the moment in which we are tempted, how necessary it is to make such a purchase.

Use the organization

The current time has led us to have a hectic life, not having enough time to lead a more organized life. And it is that sometimes social, work or personal commitments make us fall into excessive disorder, to the point of not finding something when we are looking for it.

In these cases it is appropriate to start from the beginning, reorganize and put everything in order and in its place, have what is most used daily at hand and not locate it or store it somewhere else that we can pull up when we need it.

We must be more selective in the use of elements, it is not fair to agglomerate anything, our mind will thank us for the order we implement when opting for a better lifestyle; more harmonic, aesthetic and with everything in its place.

This will help simplify our day to day, have more energy, better organize our work, we can even delegate, ask for support and even hire organization and cleaning services, thus allowing us to have more time for our family and to connect with ourselves

Detach when necessary

When we refer to this point we relate to letting go, to letting go of everything that is no longer necessary for us and that does not bring us anything positive; This applies to any aspect of life.

We must have criteria and know when to let go of what has expired, not stick to what is no longer useful, to what we do not use, either because we do not like it or because it no longer suits us.

Likewise to what harms us, to the places where we do not want to be, to all those elements or situations that are not contributing anything positive to our lives. We must understand that they already had their time, their moment with us, so space must be given to what is essential, to renewal, to what brings tranquility, harmony and comfort.

Here also applies learning to say “no” in the best possible way, simply because you don't like being there anymore, because you don't like that place, you don't want to attend the meeting that you were invited, or because you don't like this or anything. We should not feel obligated to accept something we do not want, we have the power to choose and let go at certain times.

Motivate transformation and debugging

Giving creativity a course and rescuing what we already have is a way to put minimalism into practice in your life. It is normal that sometimes we have certain items that have suffered wear and tear over time, but with some additional materials and a little ingenuity, new useful items can emerge at home.

Without the need to spend a lot of money and recycle a deteriorated material or item, you can get to make something new and innovative, for example a beautiful bench, a small table, a pot holder, among other things. The idea is to purify our environment, not only discarding but transforming what can be salvaged, or even giving away what we no longer use but is still in good condition.

This in the material aspect, but also we must transform our thoughts into positive ones, to our emotions or actions that do not make us happy and that are not in tune with us.

Always think of the solution

We know that problems often arise in our lives, but it is important first of all to be aware of what is happening at that particular moment, the best attitude above all is to accept that there is a problem to be able to face it, but without worrying too much, since that will not allow us to think of a solution.

This is when we should stop and think that we have problems that we can control, manage the situation and solve, but how do we achieve it? dealing with the solution and not focusing on the problem.

If necessary we can ask for support and if it is something that we think is a problem and in reality it is not, it is not worth worrying about, we should let go of that concern. If the problem is there, the important thing is to act as soon as possible without focusing so much on the problem and thus be able to solve it.

Many times we worry excessively unnecessarily, that's why we don't concentrate, we feel discomfort, we can't fall asleep. But we must remember that everything, however difficult it may be, will always have a solution, a positive outcome.

We should not worry about something that may not have happened yet, simply because of what we suppose, what this generates is excessive anguish and stress, causing it not to be possible to reach an immediate or progressive solution. So let's cultivate a life without so much worry, little by little with determination and action, everything is flowing and we are solving.

Listen more and talk less

We should be more interested in listening to other people who want to communicate with us or share something with us, in order to add value and exchange points of view. Being empathetic when speaking, it is important to listen carefully and know when it is appropriate to say something and when it is not, it is also necessary to avoid conversations lacking in content in the best way, since they do not generate anything positive in the environment that is taking place and neither do they in ourselves.

Be grateful

A minimalist person is always grateful above all to life, for having it, being healthy, being alive, they will always be grateful for what they have and for the good things to come.

How many times do we stop to think and give thanks for what we are today, for what we have achieved, for the family we have, a home to live in, for food every day, for employment, even for the strength and courage we had in certain life situations; that's what it's all about, showing gratitude to life.

Perhaps also to thank what was not or what is not, since we must bear in mind that everything happens for a reason, to open new paths, new cycles in life, to move forward and continue forward, it is important not to complain so much, to look for the solution and to be thankful every day for life, for health and for vitality above all things.

Final recommendations

Minimalist people often put into practice these habits that make them have a more pleasant life, enjoy the peace that comes from being in order, calm and with the best practicality possible. The minimalist style consists of enjoying even the simplest things in life, enjoying the moment with what you have.

Enjoy nature, a minimalist person will always appreciate how good it is, its fruits, its plants, the sea, the rivers, the mountains, going for a walk and feeling the sun, as well as enjoying green areas, breathe chlorophyll, fresh air, connect with themselves and with their inner selves.

Another way to bring more tranquility to your life is to be selective with people, we are always meeting people to whom we must offer cordiality and respect. Some come and go quickly, but others come to stay and become lasting friendships.

Even if they are few friends, it is fine, since these will be the ones who share common interests, bring positivism to our lives, those who speak with sincerity, they constantly motivate, they are on the same page as you and, above all, you feel comfortable when you share with them; These are the people you really should surround yourself with, who nurture you, give you constructivism, who make you grow as a person, as a professional and as a friend.

It is very beneficial for this lifestyle that you are willing to start for your physical and emotional health that you say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle, practicing a sport is part of this lifestyle, the one you like best and is not contraindicated.

You can start at home with simple stretching exercises, dance therapy, you don't need more clothing to do something good for yourself.As you should spend time in nature, you can also choose a walk in a park, a mountain, practice an activity outdoors and in the sunlight

Without a doubt, this will allow you to motivate other minimalist habits, such as releasing stress and worries. It is never too late to start, little by little and using these habits, you will see the results that it will bring to your body, your emotions and your life in general.

Rest is also essential for the well-being of human beings, and the minimalist style is always applied, how? planning the time better, we cannot advance in something if we do not rest, the sleep of at least 8 hours a day rebuilds, encourages and fills us with energy.

Rest cannot be postponed for anything in the world, it is something essential in life, so establish your usual hours of rest, such as the time to go to sleep at the end of the day, there are also people As their rhythm of life allows them, they take a nap, which is also reconstructive.

What we must be clear about in order to have a better healthy lifestyle is eliminate everything that is harmful and begin to add what gives us energy and tranquility. Let's always start the day providing energy to our body with the food we eat.

For example, it is not healthy to skip breakfast or fast with the excuse of not having time, fasting is harmful to our body, since the first food we eat is the one that gives us the energy necessary to face the day.

Let's start now to use these habits, worry less and take care more about well-being, for a more pleasant life.