7 tips to choose your ideal bag

7 consejos para elegir tu bolso ideal

Although the RAE defines a bag as a small handbag, made of different materials, with a zipper and frequently with a handle, which is mainly used by women to carry their belongings, for a woman it is not like that, has many aspects far from this literal definition, so much so that many define it as “the microcosm of his life”.

A woman's handbag reveals what is important to her, her lifestyle, her sense of humor, her style, how much money she has and how much common sense she has, and the same goes for the men.

At any time and for any occasion, you will always need a bag; You already saw the importance it reflects for people and especially for women. The bag is the extension of what you are, that is why when it comes to dressing you should always choose all the accessories well, since with them you impose your personal stamp, marks your style and denotes the enhancement of your elegance.

Tips for choosing your ideal bag

bolso ideal

Every day you learn something new, and with these tips you are going to revolutionize the style and elegance of your beauty accessories because when you read and discover all the tips you will know what to choose and how to do it, from different perceptions both material as corporeal.

1.Which bag to choose according to your body

The key is to compensate for the curves and lines of your body. In relation to the symmetry and the opposite shape of your figure.

If you are very tall you should use somewhat large bags so that it coordinates with your size and the symmetry is perfect, in the same way, if you are short you should use small ones so that you carry the bag and he is not the one take you; And if we are talking about bags with handles or straps, keep in mind the length of these so that they are according to your figure, which should be small.

If you are plump you have to look for visual harmony, according to your build you should give your bag and prevent the little ones from playing with the structure of the bag.

If you have many hips, your ideal bag will be the one that does not end with your height because what you will achieve is to draw attention to that area where you will be adding volume, large bags are the most recommended, that have defined shapes and/or rectangular since with this you will be stylizing your figure and by the way they will make you look visually slimmer.

Regarding the measurement of your chest, if you have a very prominent chest you should have as a guideline to avoid any bag that rests under your arm, this will increase its size making people notice the area that we do not want to go unnoticed.

Regarding your shoulders, the handles of your bag will be decisive in the shape of your shoulders. If you have them fallen, choose any model that has a single handle and is a bit wide, you will prevent it from falling continuously. The bags with two handles in your case will look unsightly as well as being a real ordeal.

2. You can have a bag for every occasion, although the one that allows you to do the most is better

This is a subject that can generate a bit of disorientation for some people since they usually do not know how to choose a bag for the moment adequate nor the versatility that said bag has, with the tips of this point you will give everything for everything and you will look incredibly harmonious in terms of aesthetics, elegance and style.

  • A crossbody bag is comfortable to wear, and is ideal to be worn at any time, day or night.The important thing is that there is a relaxed atmosphere, it can be a trip to the office or a date night
  • A shopping bag is the perfect ally for the day-to-day woman with a dizzying pace of life and who doesn't know when they are going to stop by the house. Due to its volume and size you can carry a thousand things with you, from your mobile, tablet, diaries, glasses and anything that saves you and serves as support for any unforeseen event.
  • A my lady bag or handbag will be your best option to feel more feminine. You must bear in mind that this bag is smaller than the previous one (shopping bag) it has many functionalities but in this sense it is useful for day or night, as long as they are semi-formal office occasions or meetings, this one brings a lot distinction to your daily outfit and that, due to its medium size, is very comfortable when wearing it.
  • A crossbody bag, a hobo bag or a backpack will be the ideal style to set the tone in casual. These types of bags are very versatile and also offer you a comfort that you may not find with others.

Between this casual style and the different types of materials that these bags can have they give a bohemian appearance that undoubtedly gives that casual and free look that many Fascinates them.

Another quality in these bags that depends on its size but without a doubt gives the ability to carry everything you need and include at all times those just in case that save our lives.

The ergonomics of this type of bag generates even more versatility of uses, for every occasion there is a different bag, certainly, but this category demonstrates the different types of uses you can give it, including In addition, they can be adapted and combined for any occasion.

3. The color

Color is something fundamental, without a doubt it is a very marked guideline when it comes to defining our style, normally there are people who have a very varied color palette, as there are others who are limited to certain specific preferences that generate the very essence of the person.

When buying a bag you always go with the conviction that it is a nice bag and that you like it, but in this case go even further than that, be guided by versatility of the same , as long as it goes with you.

In the first place we recommend unicolor bags, bags with neutral tones so that they can be combined with any garment and for any occasion, in this palette we recommend colors such as white, black, beige, gray, silver, gold, navy blue, wine red, red, coffee, brown, etc.

These neutral colors will deprive you when you want to dress casual, in recommendation to current trends you can have bags with sparks of powerful color, even prints of even different textures always looking for a north that integrates with your look.

You must remember what you want to convey with your bag and the psychology of color, this accessory is your life and with it you will express what you don't say about yourself; if you choose totally contrasting colors you will project a jovial and dynamic image, on the other hand if you use neutral colors such as brown, gray or black you will be able to convey seriousness, and if added to that if you use them in range with your clothing you will project serenity and Balance.

4.Materials and finishes

When you get to this point and having all the previous requirements clear, you will remember that the bag is that microcosm where people carry their whole lives with them, even women for example, they tend to feel more confident and secure with him; since they store everything they will need to face the day to day

Because of this, the material matters almost 90% of the time, since we want something that is long-lasting, which is why when you see the materials of the bag, you should initially look at the straps that it has, they must be thick and resistant and made of a dense material with which you feel sure that they will not leave you halfway.

Another very important point of view is the finish of the seams, both for aesthetics and for its reliability, since it will not be optimal to walk around with a bag to store all your belongings and because of a hole in the same, lose them.

If you are looking for something that you do not have to do so much maintenance, leather is your ideal material, since due to its resistance it does not require much cleaning and that generates a practicality and incalculable savings.

Depending on the use you are going to give the bag, you will find many materials, but if you come across some fabric on your way, do not hesitate to buy it since it will be ideal for day-to-day use and carrying everything you need.

This also raises certain questions such as closure... with a zipper or a magnet? In this case, practicality will be the key, Since the zipper closure, as long as it is of good quality, provides very good security, on the other hand, the magnet closure will make it easier for you to open your bag, especially since it is faster and also provides a wider variety to the hour of designs.

5. Your style and the contrast with your look

When choosing your look, remember to look inside yourself and find out what suits your personality best. There are many styles, classic bags, vintage, retro, eighties, daring with funny shapes, elegant, minimalist, printed, modern, casual, etc.

Keep in mind your personality and with which you will look better. If you are basing your personality on the choice of a bag so that it matches your look, you should first know everything about contrast.

If you are a fan of any type of pattern, then we recommend that your clothes and shoes match the tone, that these be solid colors and that they have some of the colors of the bag.

For example, if you carry a leopard print bag, it would be good for neutral colored clothes, between the light ones a beige or between the dark ones black, in the same way the footwear so that it has a harmony visual when showing off your look.

If, on the other hand, your bags are of neutral colors, there is no problem here since they combine with everything.

6. Prioritize its functionality

When you buy a bag, think about its use and don't buy one with an infinity bottom, since you could go crazy when looking for your keys, lipstick, purse or anything else. punctual thing.

The practical choice for your bag is the one with several compartments so you can separate everything and help you organize the things you carry, remember that this tool can help you for various occasions, in different environments, but comfort should be guided by the specificity of each bag. For example, a shopping bag would not be so practical when you go for a walk, since the ideal is that you carry a backpack.

7.Size and shape

In terms of size and shape, a very important point of versatility comes into play, but that itself is about the basic requirements of your preference. In this sense, you should adjust the size of the bag according to your needs, a backpack that It helps you to go for a walk, that works for you for a trip to the beach, even to play sports, a bag that you use to go shopping but that also helps you carry everything, any work equipment, for example, implements of cake shop.

The size does matter according to the variability of use and rectangular and flat shapes are almost always recommended for comfort, and the best support for the contents of the bag.

General recommendations

You already know some tips for choosing your ideal bag, but to finish I will leave you with some general recommendations:

  • You should look for balance and visual harmony between your bag and your body.
  • It is not necessary to buy bags in quantity and wildly think that it is better to invest in something of good quality and in neutral tones so that you can give it your style with the other accessories.
  • When buying a bag, don't just look at it, try it on and observe the composition in a full mirror where you fully appreciate how much it suits you or not.
  • Small bags are more suitable for the night and larger bags more recommended for the day.
  • If your clothing is very striking or with many prints. Avoid carrying a bag with the same style. In that sense, choose to wear something in neutral tones.