7 tips to choose the women's wallet you're looking for

7 consejos para elegir la cartera de mujer que andas buscando

Making the decision to make a purchase is something that we must evaluate, and much more when it comes to a women's wallet or card holder. Basically because we use this object daily, therefore, we must choose one that is durable and versatile.

When we are minimalists we seek to have the essentials and basics to be able to live peacefully. However, when we are going to make a purchase, we must choose something that is of quality to ensure that it lasts and that we have not made an unnecessary purchase, or overloaded ourselves later with items that we will not use later.

In the case of card holders, there are certain factors that you should consider in order to make a good choice. These range from the use you will give them, to the material from which they are made, their price, their comfort and durability. All this is essential to analyze it before making the purchase.

Given this, I made a list of the 7 best tips you can follow to choose the best women's wallet. Whether you want to give it as a gift to someone special, or you simply need to replace your current card holder. So… keep reading!

7 tips for choosing the best women's wallet

Cartera de mujer

When making the decision to buy a bag, it is necessary to evaluate several elements to make an appropriate purchase. The idea is to make an investment in a durable bag, and not spend money buying one that will wear out after months of constant use. That is why it is a decision that you must make with prior analysis.

Therefore, below, I will mention the 7 tips so you know how to choose the best women's wallet:

1. Think about what you want it for and how you will use it

One of the main steps that you must take into consideration to choose the best women's wallet, is to define what you want it for and what you will use it for.

This is basically because there are cases in which you will require additional elements, such as a space to store coins, or to store an additional card or a closure.

As I mentioned, everything depends on the use you want to give it, therefore, it is essential to first define this, before making the decision to acquire one. Analyze what you need to store in it and make sure it has the necessary space.

2. Choose a durable wallet

One of the main tenets of minimalism is to avoid excessive consumerism. It does not mean never buying again, but it does mean buying things that we need but that are durable, in order to make a good investment of money.

Given this, it is essential that you choose a women's wallet that is durable. To do this, you must evaluate the material with which it is made. And not only this, but also analyze the creation details such as seams, which are often essential when evaluating quality.

There was a time when leather was the most common wallet material. A leather bag was synonymous with class and wealth, something that everyone who has one wants. Leather is a durable material for handbag design. You can take out the card case hundreds of times without wearing out the material.

However, over a few years, the leather stretches and wears out, and it will be necessary to get a new model. Think of your wallet like a pair of leather shoes: when they start to look scruffy, it's time to change them. So this would be counterproductive, if you find yourself looking for a quality portfolio that is sustainable.

Fortunately, leather isn't the only material out there.Some minimalist wallets use hardened materials such as nylon for the exterior of the card holder Nylon wears slowly and lasts longer than leather. Some models feature metal cases for superior life and protection for your cards. So this type of wallet with this material is an excellent option.

In fact, you should take into consideration that you are not only guided by the material, the seams are also an aspect that you should consider, as I mentioned before.

3. Choose one that goes with everything

When choosing a wallet or card holder, it is essential that you choose one that is versatile. When I tell you this, I mean having a wallet that can be used for the various outfits that you wear. you use and thus not have the need to acquire many portfolios.

The ideal is a portfolio with a simple and minimalist design, as well as, with colors that combine with the outfits that you may wear. I personally lean towards black, since I think it goes with everything. However, colors like white and beige are ideal for this, as they combine with any clothing you wear.

4. Choose the most useful wallet

When I say that you choose the most useful bag, I mean that you decide on a bag with versatility, that can be used to go to work, but that you can also use when you go for an ice cream .

This is essential because you will have everything you want and need in one bag. You will not have the need to change every time you go to a different site.

5. Comfort and ergonomics: choose the most comfortable

Since you are choosing a bag that goes with everything, that is of quality and that you can use every day, you should choose one that is comfortable.

It's no use buying a women's bag that meets all the above characteristics, but is uncomfortable to use or causes you some kind of discomfort, since you simply won't use it and it will be a waste of money.

Choose well, you must see that it is comfortable and ergonomic, remember that it will be your everyday companion.

6. Evaluate its cost

Another aspect that you should take into consideration when buying a minimalist bag is to evaluate its cost.

I do not recommend that you choose the most expensive or the cheapest bag. That is, first evaluate your budget and then based on it, choose a portfolio that you can afford and that is of quality.

The idea is to see the purchase of the portfolio as an investment and not as an expense of money. Evaluate well and make sure you make a purchase that benefits you.

7. Choose one with a unique and functional design

Unique and elegant designs are essential for people who have a sense of fashion or who are interested in maintaining a more conventional style. The minimalist wallet comes in a slim design, which is highly functional as it prevents bending at the corners.

The design should be functional and attractive, allowing you to store all those essentials in style. Most minimalist wallets come in a genuine leather finish, but some models are designed and built with durable materials like nylon for a tougher look and better wear resistance. Even so, these materials are not very sustainable for the environment and, therefore, the ideal is to resort to other alternatives such as recycled leather because it comes from the circular economy without losing its benefits.

Having a minimalist portfolio: the best tips

Well, in order to have a minimalist women's bag, you should not only know how to choose one, but you should also follow some tips in your day to day life that they will help to declutter your bag and achieve a more minimalist look

Given this, I recommend that you follow the following advice:

1. Have only the essentials

A recommendation to have a minimalist portfolio is that you should keep only the essentials in it.

Many times we end up accumulating a lot of things that we don't really need and that take up the space of other things that we could have there. That is why you must analyze what is essential for you, normally it is your debit card, credit, some bills, your transport card, among others.

The idea is that you keep only what is necessary, those cards or things that you really use every day.

2. Remove all those things you don't use

Another piece of advice to keep your cards in order and in the best minimalist style is to eliminate all those things you don't use.

It is common that when we review our portfolios, we realize that we have invoices, proof of payment, notes, or anything else that is really not necessary and only takes up space.

Given this, you must clean and eliminate all those things that are not essential or you do not use daily.

3. Digitize those things you can't remove

It is very common that we have some things in our wallet that in theory we don't use every day, but we can't get rid of them for some reason either.

Whether it is some guarantee document, some coordinate code of a bank, among others. The solution so that these elements do not take up unnecessary space in the card holder is to digitize these things.

Basically by digitizing all these documents we are getting rid of them, but not completely, only relieving the physical space they occupy. There would be no problem because we would have the backup in the cloud, a disk or our computers.

What are the advantages of using a minimalist portfolio?

The old saying "less is more" holds true when it comes to handbags. But what makes a minimalist wallet better? Why choose a wallet of this type? Well, the options are many.

Basically a minimalist card holder is a lightweight option designed to hold only your most essential items: some cash, an ID card, and a few credit or debit cards. The great thing about minimalist women's wallet options is that they combine a sleek look, durable construction, and most importantly, a minimalist design that forces you to be ruthlessly economical in your choices about what to carry every day. .

And it is that a minimalist wallet or card holder is simply considered practical. It ensures that you will have each and every card you need, and you won't have the need to lug multiple things around in your pockets. Let's see what are the benefits of carrying a minimalist women's wallet.

They have greater durability

The fact of having a minimalist bag means that it will last much longer. I say this because they have a better material and above all, a better use. Basically because the card holders will not be full of documents or unnecessary things that only recharge it more than they should.

On the other hand, most minimalist wallets hold between 6 and 8 cards, which is all you need when you're on the go. There are some models that have protective covers that prevent any damage to your cards.

So they also make the cards more durable. Without a doubt, this is an excellent option.

Your cards become easy to access

A minimalist wallet comes in a compact design, so it's easy to store without its corners getting caught or folded, or simply getting lost in your bag.

With a minimalist design, you get quick access to your cards. No need to open a wallet, just pull a tab or reach inside and pull out the card you need.

A minimalist wallet has all the features you need, and you'll be amazed at how well these wallets protect your cards. Never again will you have to worry about handing the cashier a warped credit debit card.

General conclusions

You have already been able to read all the advantages that acquiring a minimalist wallet can offer you. No matter which one you choose, the fact remains that these card holders are just too useful and practical.

In general, opting for a minimalist women's handbag is an option that you should take. You will not only be choosing a wallet with an elegant and simple design, but also an economical card holder and best of all: durable.

That is why you should take into consideration the tips mentioned before choosing a minimalist bag. So I hope this list has been very useful to you and let's go! to buy a minimalist wallet!