5 tips to choose the men's wallet you are looking for.

5 consejos para elegir la cartera de hombre que andas buscando.

It is true that when we want to give a man a gift, one of the options thought is to give a wallet, perhaps the best idea, for the use it has, how essential and useful it is, as well as how comfortable it is to place identification documents and money.

But making the most suitable choice of a portfolio, which suits what we are looking for, is not as easy as it seems, since we must take into account a series of tips that will help us find the specific portfolio that we want to give away or that best suits what you are looking for.

Here in this article we will present some useful tips that you should take into account when choosing a men's wallet, which will meet your expectations and the of the male for which it is intended.

Let us keep in mind that we have already made the best decision, to buy a handbag, and that is that this is an accessory that is always well received and well appreciated by those who receive it and is of the utmost importance since it provides protection , practicality and comfort, transmitting category and masculinity.

How to choose the man's wallet you are looking for?


The man for being a man is very practical, it is a characteristic of him, so he will always be inclined to obtain a bag with which he feels comfortable and is easy to use.

But despite this, it is always important to have the necessary information or some advice to make the right choice, regardless of whether the bag is for you or a gift for a special man. It is for this reason that I will present some tips below that you could take into account before choosing a men's bag.

1. Identifies its style:

The first thing we need to be clear about is the style, what you like or that the man you're going to buy the bag from likes. If it is classic, avant-garde, you should take this point into account, since no matter how practical men are, there are some with a conventional personality, some are more daring and open to being fashionable.

It is important to keep in mind that your choice is aligned with a style and that it is to the liking and comfort of the man you give it to. No one likes to receive gifts that are nothing like them.

2. Analytically choose

What do we mean by this? It is true that we may have to choose a bag for that man that we may not have known for a long time, but if so, do not worry, since that is not an impediment; although if you have been knowing him for a long time, much better.

That is why you should try to get to know, observe, what he does for a living (whether he is an executive, athlete, merchant), perhaps converse secretly and be attentive to the tastes and personality of the man you are going to choose. a wallet, believe me it will surely help you make a better decision.

3. Functionality

Consider a wallet that is preferably multifunctional with various compartments, which serves to store cards, identification documents, bills (as necessary).

It is important that the size of the compartments is consistent with the size of what will be stored. We emphasize this because many times it happens that they are even smaller and when it comes to saving or removing documents it is uncomfortable, having the perfect size is opportune, nothing to opt for large portfolio sizes, it is cumbersome and I no longer use it.

It could also be considered choosing one according to the use that will be given to it, for example, if it is for daily use, we can choose something with more compartments, in In exchange, if it is to go to an event, to play sports or to go on a trip to the beach, for example, we could consider a more basic one or a specific model such as a card holder, wallet, to carry only what is necessary

4. Comfort

It should be easy and comfortable to carry, thin, small, not inconvenient, even if it has several compartments, easy to handle, transmitting practicality, comfort and elegance.

5. Model:

The appropriate model will be chosen according to the first tips that we mentioned, it will depend on taste, style and personality. Currently the market offers various model options, among them:

  • The classic: it is the most conventional style, executive, simple and made of leather (leather).
  • Modern: It is a more minimalist style aligned with the current trend, made of leather and various materials, they are simple, practical, and functional at the same time, with a variety of innovative models, adaptable to wear to any occasion They go with everything and are durable.

6. Colour:

The color of the bag says a lot about who wears it, there are neutral tones such as black, gray, colors that never go out of style, as they make the bag look very elegant and durable, always keeping itself impeccable and looking good.

Considering the brown color is also a good option, there are also more extravagant and avant-garde colors such as green, blue, red, mustard, they even have texture incorporated.

7. Material:

It is important to consider the material from which the bag is made without limiting the different options that currently exist, apart from the classic leather, being detailed in the final finish, its quality, durability and price depend on this.

On the market there are many materials, some of them unsustainable: leather, leather, polyester, cotton, canvas and other alternatives such as cork made from the bark of a tree called cork oak. Genuine leather or leather wallets are the most expensive both economically for the consumer and for the planet, but they are a good investment for their strength and durability. For this reason, the ideal is to resort to recycled leather, a material that comes from the circular economy and that takes advantage of all that leather that nobody wants anymore to remake objects with the same final features but without damaging the planet so much.

8. Versatile:

Preferably one that is suitable for carrying on any occasion, leaning towards the most generic, simple and orderly, with good taste and functionality, although there are men who prefer to have a bag for each occasion : according to daily use, to go to a party, go to play sports, or executive to go to the office; here it would be helpful if you trust the person, ask him which style he would most like to receive as a gift; this in case the purchase is for a gift.

9. Size:

A small bag will always be easier and more comfortable to carry, since it is strategically created, with unique and exclusive behaviors to carry what is necessary, provide practicality and elegance at the same time, an outstanding characteristic of minimalist bags.

10.Place to place the wallet:

At the time of purchase we must be aware if we are choosing a wallet for the man to carry in the back of his pants pocket (generally habitual use), since in this case something more casual and informal

Or if, on the contrary, it will be worn on the front of the jacket or jacket, if so, the ideal is something more elegant and sophisticated. It should be noted that the minimalist designs also offer models to carry in the front part of the pocket, making them safer.

11. Price:

Keep in mind that you are making an investment, it is not about choosing the most expensive or the cheapest, but to acquire the one that best meets the characteristics you are looking for at an affordable price.

Buying a men's wallet

It is true that the choice of a bag for a man will depend on the good taste and visual preferences of the person who buys it, but it is always important to take into account beforehand who we are going to buy that bag for. best results.

We are in a very demanding and changing market, that is why every day there are more innovative designs, with new trends, greater functionality and practicality to satisfy the customer's demands.

Don't rush, analyze the lucky one or take into account what you, as a man, like. It is also important to evaluate the environment and carry out surveys in several stores to make comparisons, both in prices and in the variety of models, in order to find the one you are looking for.

The point in favor is that you have a wide market with a range of possibilities, be guided by recommended brands and stores. Every day, manufacturers and stores strive more to satisfy customer demands, offering quality, variety, minimalist, avant-garde models, comfort, durability, and that combine perfectly with everything.

Keep in mind that when you buy a bag for a man, your taste, your criteria and even your good taste will also play an important role, always adapted to the potential characteristics of the boy whose wallet you are looking for.

Do not hesitate, indecision is not the best ally, keep in mind that if you do not have a clear perspective and idea of ​​what you really want, you may not make the right purchase. That is why the advice that we give you here should be considered important, which will surely be very useful when making your choice.

If it turns out that you don't know which model to choose, you can opt for a minimalist model that is as simple as possible, the idea is to get away from traditional concepts and look for more attractive that perhaps we did not know existed, but always taking into account the tastes and personality of man, but with a more current tone, but above all things that is ergonomic and with the greatest possible comfort.

Surely when you want to choose a wallet for men you want it to fit your pocket, be durable, light and easy to carry, qualities that are a bit difficult to find together in the same wallet, but if you are looking for , chances are you can do it.

Opt for a minimalist wallet for men?

Minimalist handbags stand out in their designs and ergonomics, they are thin and visually appealing, they dress very well, this trend avoids at all costs thick-cut models that encourage having a bulky and thick wallet, nothing aesthetic, nor comfortable when carrying. In addition, they offer models to carry in the front pocket, providing more security against theft.

The positive thing about choosing a men's wallet that is carried in the front pocket is that the cards do not deteriorate as easily, as do the documents, observing over time that even the wallets remain intact , maintaining good appearance and presentation

Minimalist trends also offer sustainable designs with the environment seeking to contribute to economic development, satisfaction of society, care for the environment and conservation of the planet.

They offer, for example, handbags made from the bark of the tree without the need to cut the tree or recycled leather that comes from the leather that is thrown away. Every day the minimalist trend takes greater positioning and enhancement in the market, always trying to comply with practical aspects, such as reducing the burden of money on it, which, like the classic ones, you find in leather, but also with more opportunities for materials. , colors, designs to choose from.

We have already observed the aspects to take into account to make an ideal portfolio choice, resulting not complex but a meticulous task to hit the target, especially when it comes to choosing for another person, in this specific case for that special man.

Undoubtedly this is a greater commitment, for the desire to look good, since you will be the person who will give the gift, and you will know that every time he sees the bag, he will remember you, your good taste and that nice detail you had towards him

Don't forget, choosing and giving gifts is an art, since it is about combining several elements in a final piece, an accessory to show off, dazzle, provide image, category, status, neatness, elegance, order, good taste, comfort and the conviction of giving the opportunity to feel worthy of that bag that meets all those special characteristics and that in turn lasts over time.

Always remember to search carefully, without rushing, having a clear conviction that it will be the ideal for that person, knowing as much as possible about the person's style and the benefit you will give them in your day to day.