17 uses that you can give to reuse old clothes that you no longer use.

reutilizar ropa vieja

Fashion, we all like to buy new clothes, but as time goes by and we use them frequently, they tend to get old, like everything else, and it is normal, so we choose to discard them.

But what if I told you that we can reuse old clothes and give them other uses, would you believe me? Well you should, because it is possible to do it, and in this article I will provide you with some very simple ideas.

Reusing old clothes: what uses can you give them?

reutilizar ropa vieja

The textile industry is dedicated to the manufacture of clothing, and has been considered the second most polluting system on the planet. The production and distribution of each of the garments we buy has a real background, since it involves a lot of human actions that imply a negative environmental impact, among them:

  • The cultivation of a large area of ​​land to produce natural textile raw materials such as cotton or wool through extensive agriculture and livestock.
  • The excessive use of fertilizers and other highly harmful and harmful chemicals, which are used to increase production.
  • The use of petroleum derivatives to create synthetic textile compounds.
  • The consumption of large amounts of water to make garments.
  • The discharge of highly toxic chemicals used in the bleaching and dyeing of fibers.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions linked to the manufacture and distribution of clothing.

This is just to give you an introduction to how damaging the actions we take or that companies implement when manufacturing garments can be. Not to mention the waste involved in throwing away amounts of clothing that we no longer use.

Because of all this it is essential that we know the vital importance of giving clothes a second chance at life, something we can do by applying the 3Rs of ecology, that is, reduce the consumption of clothing, reuse our garments and recycle them.

Now, recycling clothes should not only be understood as giving clothes to other people or leaving clothes in containers near your house, there are many more ways to do it, and with this you will be reducing the consumption of clothes.

Already having a goal, it is important that you know what could be called the DIY culture or philosophy that literally translates from the English "Do it yourself" derived from its acronym in English "Do It Yourself", because this it implies the new use that you can give to garments that you no longer use, turning them into another new accessory or into something different.

Therefore, in this article we bring you innovative and creative things so that you can let your imagination fly in terms of recycling, and thus reuse them, making the most of each garment.

Below you will see several ways you can use your old clothes, putting them to a different use. Get creative and get to work.

1. Create new props

One option you have is to use scraps from old or damaged clothes to make new accessories such as bracelets, belts, necklaces, tablecloths or sheets. You don't have to be a master with the needle and thread, you have many techniques that you can use and the important thing is to put them to good use.

2. Transform our jeans or jeans into shorts or shorts

This is one of the great classics of "Do It Yourself" where recycling is applied to everything, where clothes take on a new meaning, in this case a drastic change of model, which looks great.

Jeans tend to wear around the hem or around the knees, but that can be fixed It's the simplest thing in the world, you can give it two finishes, a sloppy style with just a pair of scissors and make a cut to the desired height and voila, you can also give it a more sophisticated look by hemming and sewing it by hand and voila you have two quick options for the summer season.

Don't forget NOT to throw away any leftover scraps.

3. Fillings for cushions or poufs

Everyone needs a cushion or a pouf to be comfortable on the sofa or on the terrace, this in order to make our space much more welcoming, and lately people are having a root to the syndrome of nest that has intensified in these times of confinement, and why not make those moments more enjoyable?

Any scraps you see that you really can't put to formal use, well don't throw them away, just grab some time and as a distraction go cutting them into small pieces and you'll have your cushion filling or poufs.

As a plus, you can make the puff with an old sheet giving it the circular shape and desired size.

4. A kitchen mitten to prevent burns made with a sock

Put to good use those socks that you have with holes, without a pair or that you no longer like and simply end up in the trash; Discarding them is over.

You can use these socks as a kitchen mitt, that is, many times you burn yourself or forget to use something to take your biscuits out of the oven or to lower a pot from the stove, keep a sock handy and forget about burns. One fluffy sock will give you protection, or you can wear multiple sock for support.

5. Make a top from a t-shirt, flannel or sweater

Applying the previous sewing practices you will have very varied concepts; just as we show you how to cut a jean to have a short, here it is presented in the same way.

We can also cut our t-shirts, flannel shirts or sweaters at bust height or navel height, reusing old clothes and creating perfect tops for hot days.

6. Make a shopping bag

Practicality is one of the advantages of sustainable fashion, in addition to having as a goal the recycling and reuse of things that we no longer use. If you take a look through the networks you will find that there are thousands of ideas to transform an old t-shirt into thousands of things due to its versatility.

Something very practical is to create a shopping bag that you can use to go to the market, the easiest thing will be to use a tank top to act as handles and you only have to close it very well the bottom part so that it is reformed and that's it, you have a bag made by reusing a shirt.

7. Make a case for your mobile phone or for your glasses

A great idea to recycle the sleeves of your shirt, a coat or a sweater is to use them to make a protective case for our mobile or glasses , thus we prevent these from rubbing against other objects that we carry together in the bag. Use the leftover fabric from the sleeves and close one of its sides and that's it.

8. Recycle an old dress into a skirt.

Surely you have ever discarded a dress because it began to get old at the top of it. However if the skirt part is intact with a couple of straight cuts and a few stitches we can turn the dresses into new skirts.

9.Make a quilt or a blanket with the patchwork technique

If you like to sew, this is ideal for you, patchwork is a technique that you will love because it is an unbeatable way to contribute to the environment Combining scraps of fabric taken from different clothes and fabrics, you will make perfect quilts and blankets for winter times, in addition to covering you from the cold, they will be very beautiful.

10. Making bibs for babies from used clothes

The bibs are very useful for our babies, since with them we prevent them from staining their clothes. You can make these out of old clothes, as bibs are made to be washed and dirty all the time.

Being able to use clothing fabrics that are suitable for resisting humidity, such as bathing suits or raincoats, and thus you will have bibs for your baby to use repeatedly.

11. Making cleaning cloths from cotton clothes

This is indeed a technique tailored to lend a helping hand to the environment. If you stop to think about the practicality that this entails, it is easier than it seems, since the easiest way to recycle old clothes is to use cleaning rags.

We strongly recommend that you wear cotton clothing because other fibers could damage the surfaces.

12. Make house slippers out of old jeans

This is something really innovative and very useful when we don't like to be barefoot but we also don't like to be in shoes all the time. In reality it is much simpler than it seems, that old jean that you are not going to wear anymore, put it on the floor with the wrong side up and it is technically ready, put your foot in the back pockets and you already have the last of your shoe, cut it to the size of your foot and ready, you already have some light shoes to be at home.

13. Through a sweater make yourself some slippers

For cold times you can cut those old sweaters, if they are made of wool better, since by taking the last of your foot with some recycled paper insoles, we will have very comfortable slippers and warm.

If you search the net you will find a lot of ideas and models to make, let that creativity run wild with your old fabrics.

14. Craft accessories for your pets

You can see the versatility of the garments and, above all, their usefulness when it comes to giving them a second chance to use them. We bring you at this point 3 variants of things you can do for your pets with scraps of fabric:

  1. You can use different types of fabric to make clothes for your pets, from coats to vests, even hats. All this with any garment.
  2. You can make them little beds so that they sleep comfortably with old clothes that you no longer use and that are warm for them, for this you can do the same padding techniques that we explained in point 3.
  3. You can make teethers for your dog by reusing towels, socks or other clothes.

15. Make cushions with clothes that we no longer use

The clothing fabric that we no longer use is an ideal material that not only serves to transform them into garments, but can also be used in textile objects as you have seen, the cushions are an example great about it.

With this you can create memorable gift motifs, since it is very fashionable nowadays to use men's button-down shirts, cutting at the height of the sleeves, in a straight line, you will have a very innovative cushion.

16.Using denim fabric to make a tool holder apron

If we really like to carry out DIY projects beyond sewing, as a piece of advice we should recommend that you make yourself a tool holder, since it will be very useful to you, since jeans have a very resistant fiber you can have one of wide durability; use the back part and you will have a simplicity when making it because you will already have the appropriate pockets to store your utensils

17. Using clothing fabric that we no longer use to upholster chairs and other furniture

In addition to giving another life to the clothes you don't wear, you will give life to other material objects such as chairs, armchairs, stools, etc. In addition to giving your home a very colorful touch and according to the fabric and the place where the furniture is intended, you can give certain styles, from summer to vintage if you wish.

You have a lot to do, the versatility that life itself offers us by giving us the opportunity to recycle and reuse everything in order to reduce, is wide. The world is different and things are changing exponentially and the most important thing is that it is being friendly to the environment.